Viva Forever! Grazia Staff Reveal Their Top 8 Spice Girls Songs

11 December 2012 by

Frankly, we can't think of anything better than watching a musical inspired by the Spice Girls in the presence of the actual Spice Girls but that is precisely what we'll be doing this evening. That's right, Jennifer Saunders and Judy Craymer's Viva Forever! will be presented to the press tonight with an all-star audience including the fab five. Eek! In case you missed the memo, Viva Forever! follows one girl on her journey into the world of overnight celebrity and the impact it has on her mother and her friends set to the soundtrack of the nineties, aka the Spice Girls. Will VB wear one of her own designs? Will they sit together? Will they get overexcited and join in? Erm, actually that'll probably be us. So, to get in the mood we've been playing our favourite Spice Girls tunes all day loooooong. And in case you were interested to know what they are...

1. Wannabe

It's unanimous - Wannabe is team Grazia's favourite Spice Girls song...

'When it first came out I would put on a gold lame cardigan that I would tie up at the front like a crop top and put on performances for my Grandad in the living room. I think he found the whole experience pretty awkward to be honest. Despite being only eight I truly believed that if they met me they would ask me to be the sixth member.' - Olivia Foster, Senior News Reporter

'It HAS to be their performance at the Brit Awards and THAT dress.  Even though Victoria was always my favourite, Geri stole the show.  I think I may have even performed it at my school assembly for comic relief!' - Lauren Murdoch-Smith, Beauty Editor

'The first time I heard it (on a cassette) was also the first time I ever watched Friends. And so whenever I see that episode of Friends I think of that song.' - Lottie Lumsden, Assistant News Editor

'I remember hearing it on Top of the Pops and they seemed so new and different- I remember feeling genuinely a little bit excited…(cringe)' - Rosie Kinchen, Acting News Editor

2. Say You'll Be There

'I love them all, but Say You’ll Be There was my fave – I was a crazy Spice Girls fan. A member of the fan club, owner of many a Spice Girls product (including Velcro watch and the Impulse limited edition spray), I compiled a scrap book from TOTP magazine cuts and I even re-recorded the Wannabe video with four other girls in my friend’s house! I would dress up as Scary Spice all the time in leopard print from New Look’s 9-15 range, but this particular video had SUCH good dance moves (remember Posh’s pointing) and the leather ensembles were totally kick ass.' - Hannah Almassi, Deputy Fashion News and Features Editor

'I used to live in America and my Dad brought back the tape for me from England and it made me really homesick! No-one in America appreciated the sheer brilliance of the Spice Girls in 1996.' - Jess Commons, Editorial Assistant

'Apart from Gina G’s classic Ooh Ahh Just A Little Bit it was the only single I owned. So I would put on my makeshift catsuit (a skirt over trousers and leotard, natch) and play it over and over again. With lots of dancing. And hair swishing.' - Zoe Beaty, Features Writer

3. Stop

'Me and my friends spent HOURS learning the full routine to Stop (right now, thank you very much) and I'm proud to say I still remember every move. It'll be handy for the Spice Girls tribute act we've been planning for the last 12 years.' - Jessica Vince, Digital Editor

4. 2 Become 1

'It reminds me of when I owned cassettes, a golden period in my life.' - Morwenna Ferrier, Features Editor

'It reminds me of my first boyfriend telling me he loved me at Christmas. I can see it now, we were 16, sitting on a sofa at a house party, me in my black Kangol hat, him in his Champion jumper, Adidas shell suit bottoms and Reebok classics. I thought it was true love epitomised. I had no idea at the time that it was about safe sex, ‘be a little bit wiser, baby, put it on, put it on.’ It is only now that my colleagues tell me this!' - Emily Maddick, News Editor

5. Spice Up Your Life

'Hands down. Favourite! It reminds me of being at their reunion concert and them coming out for the encore doing a sassy conga routine. It was BEYOND!' - Josh Newis-Smith, Fashion Intern

6. Love Thing

'Specifically the rap section. Such bon mots as ‘Stop pushin you’re rushin’ you’re losing my lovin’, ‘On and on with the girls named Spice, you wanna get with us then you’d better think twice’ and ‘God help the mister, yeah God help the mister, That comes between me and my sisters,’ had me feeling very street circa 1997. While I knew the words for every song on the Wannabe album, it was Love Thing from which I took the most pride. In honesty, I still feel pretty proud that I can still remember the rap and am currently annoying the whole fashion team with real time renditions….' - Katherine Ormerod, Senior Fashion News and Features Editor

7. Goodbye

'This song served a dual purpose. It summed up the unrequited love (read, lust) of my teenage years and also had me convinced that if I could nail the vocals (into my hairbursh, in front of my mirror, obvs) I would be dis-covered. Turns out they didn't need a sixth member and the boy in question has now got really dodgy teeth.' - Jo Duckworth, Entertainment Assistant

8. Who Do You Think You Are

'As well as being the Spice Girls Brit Awards opener (with Ginger Spice wearing that Union Jack dress!) this was the official single for Comic Relief 1997, and I love the version of the video released by the Sugar Lumps - Kathy Burke, Dawn French, Llewella Gideon, Lulu, and Jennifer Saunders. It showed that the band really had a sense of humour and you got 10 Spice Girls for the price of 5! Just try to ignore Geri’s crimped hair…' - Julia Fernandez, Community Editor

So which is YOUR favourite Spice Girls song? Let us know below...


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