The Top 14 Instagram Sins Illustrated By Rihanna, Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber

06 December 2012 by

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It was only released this week and we're already OBSESSED with College Humour's Instagram parody. If you haven't caught the [a href="" target="_blank">video[/a], watch it immediately below. it pokes fun at all the Instagram users documenting their lives through a series of sepia-toned pics of everything from [a href="" target="_blank">plane wings[/a] to [a href="" target="_blank">clouds [/a]to [a href="" target="_blank">sunsets[/a] to [a href="" target="_blank">cats [/a](SO. MANY. CATS.)

We're definitely guilty of oversharing, but luckily it's not just us mere mortals committing Instagram no-nos. See Justin Beiber's 'selfie' above, for example, and many more Instagram sins in the gallery above...

14. #Foamart

The coffee's gone stone cold, but look how pretty!

13. It's Autumn/Winter/Spring Y'all!

That's so weird, it's autumn here too.

12. I'm On Holiday...And You're Not

Repeat Instagram offender Rihanna does go on some brilliant hols. Luckily we get to experience them by looking at our phone. While sat on a bus. In non-moving traffic. While it's raining.

11. I'm Still On Holiday... You're Still At Work

It's chilly, the heating's broken and our to-do list is a mile long. But you're getting a nice tan on a beach. So you know, swings and roundabouts.

10. I'm Not Sure If You've Noticed My Two Greatest Assets...

We've got a weird  admiration for 18-year-old serial lingerie-wearer Courtney Stodden, but girlfriend needs to know there's nothing wrong with a nice woolly jumper. It is December after all.

9. Quirky Feet

No idea why this trend started. Cute shoes though.

8. It Looked More Edible In The Recipe Book

Overly cheesy pasta and greying mince? Unless it's a ten-layer burger with extra bacon, keep it to yourself.

(via [a href="" target="_blank">Buzzfeed[/a])

7. Believe In URself

Hang in there babes, u know u can do it.

6. Today I'm Wearing...A Lot Of Things You Can't Afford

We like Givenchy too Kimmy, but sadly, it's well out of our price range.

5. My Dog Looks Like Other Dogs

After Peaches Geldof dyed her poor mutt's ears pink, he's ready for his close up. [a href="" target="_blank">Again[/a], and [a href="" target="_blank">again[/a], and [a href="" target="_blank">again[/a].

4. Look How Rich I Am

Th [a href="" target="_blank">Rich Kids of Instagram[/a] tumblr showcases the offspring of the rich and famous getting on with their daily lives...

3. I Mean, I'm Loaded

...Which are kind of like ours. With added Ferrari.

2. Like, Minted

We're not jealous, not jealous at all.

1. Seriously. I Could Buy You

*Throws iPhone out the window, swears off Instagram for life*


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