'Tulisa: The Price Of Fame' - What We Learned From The BBC3 Documentary

29 July 2014 by

'Tulisa: The Price Of Fame' - What We Learned From The BBC3 Documentary

'Tulisa: The Price Of Fame' shed new light on her court ordeal [BBC3]

Hot on the heels of her drug trial collapsing last week, last night we heard Tulisa Contostavlos’ side of the story in a tell-all documentary broadcast on BBC3. If you missed it, catch up on iPlayer.

The doc followed Tulisa from the moment that she found out that she’d been accused of brokering a drug deal (after undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood tricked her into believing that she was being lined up to become a Bollywood star) to the point at which the trail collapsed after a judge ruled that Mazher had lied during his testimony.

Here’s a quick roundup of what we learned...

Tulisa traces the start of her problems back to her sex tape

Talking about her time as an X Factor judge, she said: ‘The first year was a very happy time. I think it was the tape where it all went wrong for me mentally. When the tape came out I felt like I had lost control again. This isn’t how I wanted to be portrayed as and afterwards going back out there, it was the thought of facing the audience, the crowd. Even though I was a judge I was being judged. More than anyone, more than the contestants. The judges get judged the most. So I just found it so hard to face people again.’

The charges got to her more than we realised

Crying to the camera after learning of the charges, she said: 'I am so sick of people not knowing what is really going on. I act like I'm strong but I'm really not in the slightest. Part of me is strong, part of me thinks I will pick myself up and move on, but inside I am one of the most vulnerable people you ever meet, and I genuinely suffer from a lot of depression. And it's moments like this that send me under. I really just want it all to end. I don't want to be this person anymore, I don't want to be seen as this anymore.'

Things got so bad that she considered ending her life

Shockingly, Tulisa admitted that at her lowest point she considered suicide. ‘I’d had a drink so everything felt even more intensified’, she said, after an evening with her cousin Dappy. ‘I just picked up, like, 11 Co-codamol and just necked them with a bottle of vodka. I don’t even know what I was planning to do.'

But she still has her fans support

There were mixed reactions on Twitter, but a majority of tweets seemed to be in support of Tuloisa. These included, ‘This documentary is so eye opening, don't always believe what you see in the papers tulisa is such a strong women’, ‘I feel so sorry for Tulisa’, ‘Didn't think I'd say it but I feel bad for Tulisa’.

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