Top 5 Relationship YouTube Videos! Oh, And Please Don’t Break Up, Jonathan and Ivory

07 December 2012 by

jonathan and ivory break up

Bleugh, videos made by couples are gross. Type ‘relationship’ into YouTube and you get all number of sepia-toned montages set against plinky plonky piano ballads interspersed with loving messages written in Comic Sans. NO THANK YOU. We like our couples with a bit more to them, like Jonathan and Ivory. When the two exes released their – now viral – Youtube video about their break-up we were cynical. Then we were surprised – and then we were weeping at our desks. In honour of their super-sad but genius video we’ve rounded up the five best couples on YouTube; read on to find out who they are...

1. Jonathan and Ivory

Jonathan wants to have babies. Ivory does not. The couple, who have been together for five years, have to break up. So they made a song about it to break the news to their friends. Trust us - this is going to make you feel ALL the feelings.

2. Matt Still and Ginny Joiner

Flash-mob proposal? No thank you. We’re not sure sharing our big moment with several hundred dancing strangers for the express purpose of getting YouTube hits is all that romantic. Matt Still’s famous movie theatre proposal from last year though? Yeah, we’ll have that one please.

3. Jesse and Jeanna

Jesse and Jeanna have been playing pranks on each other for the past five years. We think Jeanna’s winning, so far she’s got Jesse to drink breast milk and she pulled off this little number...

4. Jay David and girlfriend

What would you do if your boyfriend went travelling for a couple of weeks? Forget he told you, then break up with him and sleep with his friend to get back at him? Hmm, probs not. This girl did though…

5. Old couple unsure how webcams work

Not exactly relationship themed as such, but we REALLY want to be this senior couple when we grow old. Fave line? "Just drop your dress a little bit and we can see your boobies."

Bonus Video Alert!

Here's a girl smashing her boyfriend's X-Box. Ah love.

By Zoe Beaty and Jess Commons


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