Top 5 Film Trailers Of The Week From 'Thor 2' To 'The Bling Ring' And 'The Internship'

24 April 2013 by

Last week, we brought you a round up of the best film trailers that were so hot-off-the-press, they practically set our screens alight. And, because the movie industry just keeps on turning out tantalising teasers of the biggest blockbusters of the year, we thought we ought to do it again.

1. Thor 2: The Dark World - 1 November

We were so busy looking at Chris Hemworth's epic guns that we forgot to actually pay attention to what might happen in the film. Looks like Thor is out to save the universe again and Natalie Portman returns as his love interest Jane who gets whisked away to Asgard. For reasons unbeknown to us, Thor thinks this will be safer for her than leaving her on earth. Expect to meet lots of people with unpronouncible names.

2. The Bling Ring - 5 July

Oooooh, more sauciness from Ms Emma Watson in the second trailer for Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring and a whole lotta shoes. We just know we're going to enjoy any film that features the line, 'don't be such a little bitch'.

3. The Internship - 4 July

The comedic talents of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have once again joined forces for this hilarious film about two 'grown-ups' who embark on an internship at Google. We don't remember our work experience ever being quite this fun...

4. Only God Forgives- TBC

Kristin Scott Thomas with long blonde hair - are you sure?! But the main attraction here, if you can gloss over the Tarantino-esque violence, is Ryan Gosling who sets out to avenge the death of his older brother. It's directed by the same man behind Drive and will be competing at Cannes Film Festival next month.

5. The Lone Ranger - 9 August

Johnny Depp looks like he's just walked off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean and into The Lone Ranger ie. he's wearing loads of make-up and a funny hat. Also starring the magnificent Helena Bonham-Carter and Armie Hammer who we suspect we'll be lusting over all summer long...


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