Top 5 Film Trailers Of The Week From Judy Blume's 'Tiger Eyes' To Brad Pitt's 'World War Z'

01 May 2013 by

With so many amazing movies due out later this year, it's hard to keep a track of them all. To make it a little bit easier, each week we'll bring you a round-up of the top trailers released to tease, tantalise and whet your appetite for the full-length feature film. This week, we see a zombie-fighting Brad Pitt and a gun-wielding Helen Mirren...

1. Tiger Eyes - UK release TBC

Judy Blume was staple reading when we were growing up so we're pretty thrilled that there is finally going to be a film adaptation of one of her books. Step forward Tiger Eyes, the story of Davey (played by The OC and Gossip Girl's Willa Holland) who is befriended by a native American when her family move to New Mexico after her father dies.

2. World War Z - 21 June

We love watching Brad Pitt on the big screen and have to admit being a bit partial to a zombie flick too so World War Z sounds right up our street. Here's a lovely little look behind-the-scenes of the movie that sees Brad trying to save his family, oh and the world! No biggie then...

3. Fast and Furious 6 - 17 May

Yes, count them - there have been five already and now Vin Diesel and co are about to make it six in total for the Fast and Furious franchise. The gang must decide to put an end to their scheming and help bring down their rivals in exchange for a clean slate.

4. RED 2 - 2 August

A lot of retired CIA and MI6 types battle to save millions of people as they search for a really scary nuclear device. Oh, and did we mention that it stars (deep breath now) Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren getting kick-ass with many, many guns.

5. Monsters University - 12 July

Hands up if you goofed around at university? Come on, we bet just a little bit! Well, the one eyed romantic Mike and the big furry Sully from Disney's Monsters Inc are back and this time they're at college, training to be scarers. It's a sort of prequel if you will and long before the bonds of everlasting friendship had yet to take hold. Cute, funny and totally family friendly.


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