The Notting Hill Carnival Is Coming! Here Are The Top 5 Gadgets You Need

23 August 2013


‘Carnival’. You only need to say the one word and feel the excitement in the air as giant grins light up enthusiastic faces. Notting Hill Carnival is the one hedonistic day of the London calendar that embraces everyone from happy smiling families to those of us looking for the wilder side, all united under a giant canopy of Caribbean culture. To turn the excitement up a notch (as if you weren’t already borderline hysterical) Lady Geek have picked the 5 must have gadgets to get you prepared for, carry you through, and calm you down after the biggest street party in Europe.

1. Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones - £169.99
First off, let’s picture the scene. It’s the week before Bank Holiday Monday and suddenly classic FM on the office radio just isn’t cutting it. You don’t want tranquility and peace of mind for a serene working environment, you want something that makes your lunchtime fantasies of next week feel that little bit more real. The Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones pick out every little detail of your music and packs a punch with the bass. If you close your eyes you’ll almost smell the jerk chicken. And, fortunately for your less-enthusiastic colleagues, these noise-cancelling headphones ensure this party’s all yours.

2. Notting Hill Carnival App - £Free
Whether you’re running around trying to keep up with your excitable kids or running ahead trying to get your hands on the last cold Red Stripes, you’ll need the Notting Hill Carnival App. Locating the loudest music, the tastiest treats, or (of course!) the actual carnival route is no longer an eternal struggle between yourself and the nearest street map. It even provides you with the latest news on the day so you won’t find yourself facing closed bars after a 20 minute hike to the ‘nearest’ tube station.

3. BoostCase for iPhone 5 - £59.99
We’ve all been there, snapping away, uploading to Facebook, ringing and texting and navigating our way when suddenly your selfie tips your battery to zero and your screen to black. With the BoostCase you can protect your phone from your increasingly clumsy fingers and your battery from your increasingly vain visage by plugging in the attachable battery sleeve and giving you six more hours of phone fun.

4. PURE Evoke - £124.99
Not all of us are lucky enough to live within the warm embrace of London. Some of us might even find ourselves lumped with the dreaded bank holiday shift at work. Bring that carnival vibe with you by connecting the Pure Evoke portable radio to the internet and tune in to all the shows and podcasts available to make sure you don’t miss out even if you have to miss out.

5. Memento Camera - £180
This one’s for the future. Set for mysterious release of ‘Summer 2013’, Lady Geek is most looking forward to the Memento camera. Remembering  to whip out your camera and capture the perfect moment can become harder as the day wears on and your rum to rice ratio is looking a little more liquid than it should. This is where Memento, a kickstarter project, steps in. Photographing your day so you can remember even when you forget, and after carnival’s over, you can attach it to your dog and finally solve the age old question: what carnivalesque antics do your pets get up to when you’re out the house?

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