Top 10 Romantic Films To Watch On Valentine's Day Featuring Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Robert Pattinson

14 February 2014 by

ryan gosling channing tatum robert pattinson

Erm, in case you hadn't noticed (we could barely walk past Scribbler today, let alone go in), it's Valentines Day today. And no, once you've finished reading this, it's not too late to search online and hastily place a last minute order for something for that special (really, when you left it this late??) person.

There are probably four tribes when it comes to V-day and you will likely fit into one of them or at least skirt around the periphery:

  • Single and dreading it. It's rubbing salt in to the wound. People look at you awkwardly whenever the 14 Feb is mentioned in convo.
  • Single and ready to mingle. If there's one night you're guaranteed to pull, its this one.
  • Newly bonded. Giddy with excitement. Blown the rest of the months pay on a ridiculous gift including a stuffed animal the size of yourself.
  • Coupled up. You've seen in several already. Onesies, a movie and a card bought from the petrol station on the way home. If you're lucky.

We're generalising a bit here, obvs. But whatever your camp or inclination, it is the one day of the year when you can legitimately watch a slushy film, shed a few tears and lust after some highly attractive and definitely unattainable men (hey there Mr Gosling). In case you're looking for inspiration, here are ten of the best romantic films worth watching...

1. The Notebook

Based on a best-selling novel, two souls from two different worlds fall hopelessly in love only to be torn apart. Life goes on as they separate but eventually meet again years later. Get tissues. Oh and Ryan Gosling is in it.

2. The Lake House

Kate Foster (Sandra Bullock) moves to a house by a lake - forgive us for stating the obvious there. She begins writing letters to a mystery man (Keanu Reeves) through her mailbox...

3. Dear John

Amanda Seyfried falls for Channing Tatum who plays a soldier - that would be John - while he is home on leave from the army.

4. P.S I Love You

Young widow, Holly (Hillary Swank) is left struggling to cope with grief after her husband’s death (Gerard Butler). But it transpires that he has left her a number of messages from beyond the grave to help ease the pain as she tries to start a new life without him.


5. The Time Traveller’s Wife

From Audrey Niffenegger's hit novel, this film follows the life of Henry (Eric Bana), a man who carries a gene which causes him to involuntarily time travel. Sounds pretty cool but it wreaks absolute havoc with his love life with tragic consequences.

6. Remember Me

A young Robert Pattinson attempts to put a family tragedy behind him as falls in love with an equally troubled young lady. And there's not a vampire in sight.

7. One Day

Another best-selling book turned movie. We see Dexter and Emma on the same day every year as they struggle to figure out their true feelings for one another. Then you can stop wondering what Anne Hathaway would sound like with a Yorkshire accent...

8. Valentine’s Day

For anyone feeling the V-Day pressure, this one is for you. It charts various couples and singletons as they make up and break up through the pressures and stresses that come with worrying about the 14th Feb.

9. Serendipity

A couple meet and spend the evening trying to decide if fate brought them together. They go their separate ways but never shake that feeling that something or someone got away. Will fate reunite them? We do know this - if you take a trip to the actual Serendipity cafe in Manhattan, you too can try a frozen hot chocolate (they drink loads of them in the film. They are yum). You're welcome.

10. The Vow

Grazia Daily watched this last weekend and weeped from start to finish. Imagine being happily married to the love of your life then after a car accident, waking up from a coma and having no idea who he was. Channing Tatum plays Leo, the husband desperately trying to make his wife fall in love with him all over again. It's also the third appearance from Rachel McAdams in our top ten.


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