Tina Fey Stars In Girls Spoof And It's Totally Hilarious. Here's 5 Other Parodies Of Lena Dunham's Show

01 October 2013 by

Yay for Tina Fey! The comedienne paid a visit to her old stomping ground Saturday Night Live this past weekend and took part in a brilliant sketch - a parody of Lena Dunham's Girls; featuring Blerta the Albanian, played by Fey. Hailing from a poor country, Blerta's baffled by the problems the New York girls struggle with. "My ex-boyfriend is an internet millionaire," whines Marnie. "My ex-boyfriend is buried in a shallow grave. On windy days the dirt covering him blows away and you can see skull," shoots back Blerta. She's also got a rubber hand which she's been forced to use since her old hand fell off after contracting Old Cow Disease, not Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like Hannah.

Here's 5 more Girls parodies that have got us chuckling into our fairtrade coffee.

1. Girls - Season 38

Featuring a 65-year-old Hannah still wearing shorter-than-short jumpsuits (now with visible spanx poking out the bottom) and Marnie as a modern day Miss Haversham (complete with cobwebs) still waiting for Charlie to get back with her.

2. Boys

Hey, it's not just 20-something girls who have to deal with first-world problems on a daily basis. Take this guy for instance, "I just like, want to be a filmmaker, but I feel like my talents are being limited because I get in fights with my friends sometimes." We hear ya bro.


Like Girls, but with squirrels. Obvs.

4. Robots

Hey look! It's a deranged robot Hannah on a drunken rampage through Bushwick desparate for $1100 a month so she can upgrade her operating system. Oh, and making out with microwaves along the way.

5. Bros

If you're blissfully unaware, 'bros' are sort of the US version of our 'lads'. *Shudders*


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