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Meet Tictail: Everything You Need For Setting Up Your Own Online Shop

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Emelie Holmes – Good & Proper Tea

When and why did you decide to set up your own store?

Good & Proper Tea is all about really, really good tea. And in our 1974 Citroen H van, we are serving cups of it - loose leaf & custom-brewed - to the streets of London. But we also want to provide customers with the tools they need to brew loose tea more easily at home. Our website, goodandpropertea.com is therefore first and foremost a place for customers to order packs of tea - the same teas they might have tried at the van - as well as any teaware to help with brewing it. It is also a place where they can read a bit more about where the tea is from, what Good & Proper is all about and even where to find the van each day should you want to try-before-you-buy.

What do you love most about using Tictail?

The main focus of my business is providing a destination for tea-drinkers to get a carefully prepared, delicious cup of tea. However, there were plenty of people who wanted to try that same tea but who couldn't make it to the van. I therefore needed a place beyond the van to sell our teas for people to brew at home. Simplicity is a key part of the brand - the teas are all single-estate and the collection only small - so it was very important that the website reflected that too, with a quick, easy and efficient customer experience. My customers frequently feed back to me that they found the site very easy to use. In addition, as I had already launched my brand, the website had to be in keeping with the brand aesthetic, and Tictail offered me not just a template, but the ability to create a bespoke design. Finally, it is super easy for me to manage - as I spend every day either in the van or rushing around going to meetings, this is a huge help. I get an email to say an order has been placed, I can see all those orders and manage them in one place, and using Paypal is easy peasy.

What's your advice for other startups?

Don't think too much - do your homework, do some sense-check research and then just get going - you can correct once you're up and running. I was very academic in my approach, worrying about every little detail, but now I realise that you can't wait for all your ducks to be in a row as that moment will never come, and the best thing you can do is to get some momentum behind you. And make things as simple as possible, because you will be cash and time poor, so you need all the help you can get - Tictail has made my life a lot easier!

[a target="_blank" href="http://goodandpropertea.com">www.goodandpropertea.com[/a]

Charlotte Groeneveld - Fashion Guitar

When and why did you decide to set up your own store?

I have been selling my wardrobe online since the start of my blog, however there was never really a good online platform to do this on. Obviously there was Ebay, but I preferred to have something simple, something linked to me and my blog. Then Tictail came along, free, easy to use, and looking sleek. I started selling my items immediately, I was I believe one of the first bloggers working with them, and it was a success from the start. Currently things aren't updated, but I am working on a wardrobe clean-out, so there will be lots and lots of new items on there soon!

What do you love most about using Tictail?

It's simple to use, it looks professional, and the experience for the customer is the same, which is most important. And PayPal for me is one of the easy things to work with, no international money transfers, just simple two clicks and it's paid.

What's your advice for other start ups?

Make sure customer usage is high on your list: as soon as customers can use it, and love to use it as much as they love to look at it you are on to a winner - visuals are everything.

[a target="_blank" href="http://thefashionguitar.com">thefashionguitar.com[/a]

Julia Lundsten – FINSK

When and why did you decide to set up your own store?

We set up our online store recently in 2012, although FINSK has been around since 2004 and sold worldwide. We were more focused on wholesale in the past, but wanted to find out what the response would be if we sold online - as a footwear brand this can be a bit of a gamble as it is a product that many people would prefer to try on before purchasing. But we have had great results, and with our repeat customers once they know their size then it becomes much easier for them to use our shop.

What do you love most about using Tictail?

There are many perks with using Tictail, but the main thing would probably be the easy-to-use Dashboard - each step is simplified so that anyone can quickly learn how to do updates, add products, etc. This is great for a smaller independent brand like us because the whole team can use it, which is essential.

What's your advice for other start ups?

We would definitely recommend Tictail to start-up companies as it is very practical and simple to use (if you have a small amount of products you can get your shop up and running within a day or two), and it is a great way to get feedback and see what works for your customers without having to invest a large amount from the beginning. There are also many ways to personalise your website which is essential for brand image.

[a target="_blank" href="http://skinbyfinskshop.tictail.com">skinbyfinskshop.tictail.com[/a]

Amy Hall – Amy Hall Knitwear

When and why did you decide to set up your own store?

I set up my brand in 2010 as a reaction against mass-produced, fast fashion. I wanted to start a label so that I could produce handmade, good quality, high-end knitwear that would look stylish and stand the test of time. As a small brand it can be difficult to get bricks and mortar stockists so my first step was to set up an online store. I switched to Tictail last year as I much prefer the customer experience. The interface looks great and it’s utterly user-friendly. Its back-end is really simple, too, so you don't have to be a programming whiz to run your own e-commerce business.

What do you love most about using Tictail?

Just the fact that it’s clear and easy to use, both for the customer and for me. It looks good and it’s easy to personalise it so it fits with my brand identity. The feedback I receive from customers is great, too.

What's your advice for other start ups?

Be prepared to work incredibly hard - nothing happens if you don’t get yourself out there, speak to people, talk about what you’re doing and make it work. In the beginning, do as much as you can yourself - the less money you can spend on things like web development, PR, accounting etc, the better. Unless you’re lucky enough to have substantial investment these things can be expensive and you don’t necessarily need them all straight away. It is possible to do so much yourself once you read up on where and how to begin. The main thing is getting your business going and establishing a strong brand identity. Use social media – it’s free! Set up a blog, share posts, encourage your friends to ‘like’ or share things on Facebook and retweet on Twitter – my first ever sale came via Twitter, thanks to a retweet.

[a target="_blank" href="http://amyhall.tictail.com">amyhall.tictail.com[/a]

Yasmin Karimi – Yasmin Karimi London

When and why did you decide to set up your own store?

I have always had a huge love for the beauty industry, even when I was practicing law and during my degree I used to dream about how one day I would have my own beauty brand. So a year and half ago I plucked up the courage to quit my job and follow what I love doing the most, and now I have my own hair and fragrance range. Even though my life is busier and more stressful having my own business I enjoy every second of the day. Each day is a great memory for me. I decided to create my online store as I thought it was the perfect way to make sales and target my audience. I wanted to make it easier for my clients to order my products and Tictail was perfect for what I was looking for.

What do you love most about using Tictail?

Tictail was the perfect way for me to get started and have my own online store without any hassle. I love how Tictail makes it really easy for me to send out my products, and it also tells me how much I have sold and what my best sellers are. It makes my life a lot easier it is very user friendly. Everything in Tictail is very clearly set out

What's your advice for other start ups?

I think the most important lesson I have learnt is to have a good cash flow forecast and a business plan. It’s all well and good having a great business idea and following your passion, but ultimately you’re in a business to make money, so when your full time job turns into your own business, every pound must be accounted for. So ensuring a good cash flow and setting targets and goals will help you and your business become successful.

[a target="_blank" href="http://yasminkarimi.tictail.com">yasminkarimi.tictail.com[/a]

Have you ever dreamed of setting up your own online store? Then say hello to Tictail. Created by 28-year-old Carl Waldekranz from Sweden (aka: the next Mark Zuckerberg), this is an e-commerce tool for people looking to start up their own virtual businesses.

Launched in 2012, in under two years Tictail has seen over 50,000 stores created on the platform. Well-known brands like Cheap Monday have got involved while smaller sole traders are selling handmade goods quickly and easily.

And don't worry about having the tech smarts - it's easy peasy to use, allows you to create your own template and is entirely FREE! The Tictail feed clearly guides you through the process of setting up and running your online store, from incorporating T&Cs to offering advice on marketing.

Just ask Yasmin Karimi who sells her own beauty range via the platform or Emelie Holmes who set up Good & Proper Tea, selling - you guessed it - packs of tea. You can read more about their stories in the gallery above.

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To give you a helping hand, we asked some of Tictail's most successful store owners for their top tips for building your own brand. Find their answers by clicking through the gallery...


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