VIDEO: This Is What Will Happen If You Ever Say A Bad Word About Beyonce

05 May 2014 by

She runs the world. And that is indisputable. At least according to a hilarious sketch on Saturday Night Live. It's no secret that any criticism against Beyonce is quickly shut down by her legion of protective fans, with anyone so much as thinking a bad word quickly cut down to size. Is that because there's nothing bad to say? Well... according to guest host Andrew Garfield - the star of The Amazing Spider-Man - it's because there's a brutally enforced cabal called the Beygency. 

The sketch sees Garfield commit the massive faux-as of expressing a mild dislike of one of Beyonce's songs in his own living room. He must immediately go on the run from men who've been tasked with eliminating even the slightest of anti-Beyonce sentiments. The sketch has everything! Including guest star 24's resident bad man Jack Bauer who also made the fatal mistake of dissing B, showing his tattoo of Rihanna's face—with a ‘#1' under it - to prove it. There's even the "Single Ladies" dance and an actual modicum of truth in all of this, despite its exaggeration. All hail Queen B!

Please excuse us while we go watch this on repeat for the rest of the day our lives. 



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