There's Already A Lookalike Signed Up To Play Kate Middleton's Unborn Child

08 June 2013 by


Allison Jackson's amazing spoof shot of the Duchess of Cambridge's baby shower

The Royal Birth might not be for another month, but there’s already a lookalike baby signed up and lined up ready to imitate her/him from the moment he/she pops out. Legendary spoof photographer Alison Jackson told Vanity Fair that the fact the baby’s sex hasn’t been revealed hasn’t stopped her from picking infants for the most important shots of the year. ‘We’ve got one with dark hair and one without any hair,’ she said, unphased about the gender. ‘Just a baby in a nappy is quite nice.’

In a way, we shouldn’t be surprised. There’s already been a huge demand for Jackson’s spoof shots of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy – think Pippa throwing a baby shower complete with dummy-shaped cakes. ‘I have about three Kate lookalikes, and one is pregnant. Otherwise we use a silicon pregnant belly. A portable one,’ she revealed. ‘People are dying to see pictures. I’ve just done one of William trying to keep Kate cool, so he’s spraying her bump with water.’

Jackson isn’t alone in being caught up in Royal Baby fever. Strange as it may be there’s already a Royal Fetus account on Twitter, who says ‘I live inside a Princess’ and tweets such gems mentalness as, ‘I may not have bones yet, but I'm already more important than everyone reading this. #royalbaby #sorry.’ But whoever owns the account has missed a trick if they were hoping to convert to Royal Baby when Kate does finally give birth. There are already three of them registered on twitter alone. World. Gone. Mad.


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