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The Year Of The Selfie: The Biggest 2013 Trends From 'Healthies' To The 'Tongue Selfie'

It was no surprise when Oxford Dictionaries declared ‘selfie’ to be the word of 2013. Instagram reveals that this was the year we pouted, sucked in our cheeks and looked sideways at our cameras. With over 53 million pictures tagged #selfie, what started out as posting a humble self-portrait developed over the year into nothing less than a phenomenon. It may have started with people doing ‘duck face’ and waiting for likes, but it morphed into A-listers employing ‘insta-ourages’ – yes, people hired to take the perfectly posed ‘selfie’ (Rihanna!). Things then took a darker turn with tumblrs dedicated to selfies at funerals and ‘insta-envy’, where the photos made you ill by creating anxiety and low self-esteem. Selfie-loathing, perhaps? What is certain is that the selfie was the gift that just kept on giving...

1. Duck Face

And so it began with a single look: pouty lips, glazed model eyes and stiff nose (see Rosie H-W). So old and faithful it’s fondly called the ‘MySpace Face’. We know. ??

2. Sparrow Face

This trend came from Japan. Open your eyes Manga-character wide and suck the sides of your lips (see Doutzen Kroes). Tip: stick finger in mouth, remove and hold.

3. Barbie Waist

Sparrow Face’s successor makes you look like a doll. Lean forward and stick out your bottom like Jazzma Kendrick to get a Mattel doll’s ‘perfect’ dimensions. Ugh.

4. Healthie

The brag in photo form. How about a downward dog atop a medicine ball with kale juice just in shot? Or Miranda Kerr’s ballet routine? Aka acute overshare.

5. Tongue Selfie

Maxed out on Pilates pics? Step up Miley Cyrus, who posed with her tongue out, sparking a frenzy of similarly minded sideways tongue merchants.

6. Telfie

Forget tongues, nothing says ‘I’m crazy, cool and can distract you from a scandal’ like a tattoo selfie. As proven by Cara’s lion hand inking after a 72-hour bender.

7. Family Selfie

We cooed when Peaches’ mum- and-baby selfies announced son Phaedra’s birth, then we read her captions on attachment parenting and watched as Katie Hopkins went into meltdown. 

8. The Non-Selfie Selfie

Aka the Insta- Gang, this shows a VIP posing with their posse (cue RiRi and Melissa Forde, et al). Never did we feel more on the outside looking in...

9. Belfie

Bums were the next body part on our feeds – first Cheryl’s rose tat, then Kim’s post-baby butt snap. In the year the twerk went mainstream, it seemed appropriate.

10. Insta-Envy

Selfies reached critical mass and our worst fears were realised... A new report said 50% of young people spend £100 a month trying to look like stars and suffer from ‘Insta-envy’.

11. Inch Wars

Miranda Kerr said she ‘had no idea’ a Victoria’s Secret image she posted was Photoshopped to make her waist smaller... sparking a new trend: social media as lie-detector test.

12. Mourning All!

‘Everyone say “PRETORIA!”’ At Mandela’s memorial ceremony, Dave, Hell and Baz take the funeral selfie trend and run with it.

Love selfies? Check out the best of the rest in the gallery above...


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