The Voice Is Back - 5 Things We're Excited About For Series 2

12 March 2013 by

If there’s been a reality tv shaped void in your viewing calendar then worry not as yesterday Jessie J, Will.I.Am, Sir Tom Jones and The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue gathered together to launch series 2 of The Voice. Joined by the show’s hosts Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates, the BBC announced that the show will be back on our screens on 30th March.

So what can we expect? Well, The Voice claims to differ from that of its rival talent-based shows in that all of the auditions are blind. Contestants get the opportunity to sing live in front of a studio audience and to the four coaches, all of them with their backs to the hopeful candidate. If they like what they hear, they buzz to turn their chair around and stake their claim on the singer for their team. However, if more than once coach opts in, the singer gets to choose who they would like to coach them. The idea is that contestants are chosen on talent alone and that looks (and the sob story) don’t come in to it.

With rumours of sneaky twists and format tweaks to spice up series two, there are a few things from last year that we are hoping to see second time around and here our our top five.

1. Jessie J’s wardrobe

Clearly not one to put a price tag on the clothes she wears, Jessie was notorious for wearing extremely bright prints in series one and we reckon there’ll be more of the same. Having said that, she’s recently switched stylists to that of her co-hosts brother Cobbie Yates who has been responsible for her much more glam and feminine appearance of late. Whatever she wears, we reckon it’ll be as loud as she is. In fact, earlier this week, The Voice tweeted this pic of Jessie on set...

2. Will.I.Am’s catchphrase

Last year, absolutely everything was ‘dope’ according to the Black Eyed Peas frontman. In fact, he often made no sense at all when critiquing an act but if he said ‘that’s dope’ you knew you were in with a shot. It’s likely to return for series two but will he introduce another catchphrase we can all shout back at our tv’s? We’re dubbing them Will.Isms.

3. Sir Tom Jones and his name-dropping

When you’ve had a career as prolific as Tom’s, you’re bound to have some friends in very high places. So its no surprise that when trying to convince acts to join his team, Sir Tom called upon some of his contemporaries to help seal the deal. ‘When I was hanging out with Elvis in Hawaii’ for example. Persuasive stuff.

4. Danny O’Donoghue having a close relationship with his act

It’s really important for coaches to have a good relationship with their acts as they mentor them through the show. But one coach in particular was rumoured to have taken their duties one step further. Danny and his finalist Bo Bruce set tongues wagging as they reportedly became very friendly during series one. Bo was quick to deny the rumours saying, 'I felt like everyone wanted it to be something — a great big love affair. People love scandal. He is good looking but I never saw him like that — it just got so hyped up.' Ah well, at least everyone will know who he is this year.

5. Competitive coaches

Let’s not forget the coaches are in competition too to see if they can find the overall winner of the show. We’re expecting things to get even feistier this year as they wage war with one another across their spinning chairs. Wordsmith Will is likely to continue battle with voice acrobat Jessie with Danny playing the ‘I’m Irish and play the guitar’ card. Sir Tom meanwhile will be as smooth as ever casually dropping in names to win the contestants over. It’s all good-natured however. Don’t expect any ‘fag ash breath’ show downs.

Series 2 of The Voice starts Saturday 30th March on BBC1.


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