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The Venice Film Festival – The 4 Best Things We Saw

Daniel Radcliffe gets mobbed by fans, via Grazia Live's Instagram

On a flying visit to the Venice Film Festival, here are the 4 best things we saw...

1) Palo Alto

Based on James Franco's first novel, the directorial debut from Gia Coppola (Francis Ford's granddaughter) is an artful and tense teen neo-noir. Charting the interweaving stories of a group of teens living on the edge, Palo Alto feels like Donnie Darko in its mix of the whimsical and the ominous. There's a notable performance from Emma Roberts, a great score from Blood Orange and it looks like an Instagram photo come to life. What's not to like?

2) Ana Arabia

This powerful, meditative take on the Israel/Palestine conflict and the effect it has had on different generations of the same family has been shot in one-take by director Amos Gitai. A journalist Yael (Yuval Scharf) visits Jaffa where Arab and Jewish people live together in harmony, but their stories expose the deep scars which make up their history. It puts many human faces on a conflict that sometimes gets drowned out in the media whirlwind.

3) Locke

Another single take film. This time, Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a construction worker whose personal and professional life unfolds during the course of an intense and epic car journey across the UK. Although Hardy's Welsh accent is a bit dodgy (it's Cardiff via Karachi), he gives a powerful performance in this tense and claustrophobic film.

4) Zero Theorem

The always excellent Christoph Waltz plays a computer programmer living in a futuristic metropolis (think Blade Runner meets the London Trocedero). He has been sucked into early digital death thanks to his thankless job as a computer operator (watch out for Matt Damon as his creepy, Zebra suit wearing boss), rapping therapist (Tilda Swinton) and his manic pixie dream love interest (Melanie Thierry). It's both inspiring, intelligent and infuriating (so, classic Terry Gilliam then).



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