The Rise Of The Wealthie: Three Quarters Of Britons Use Social Media To Brag

31 March 2014 by

We've all been there: you're scrolling through Instagram and almost choke with envy at the sight of your friend's new shoes/luxe holiday/posh dinner. And us Graziettes certainly aren't guilt-free when it comes to proudly flaunting our latest purchase. Have you seen our Instagram feed?!

But we're not the only ones. In fact, according to a new study, almost three quarters of Britons admit to having taken photos after making an expensive purchase with the sole intention of showing off. And you know what that means? A new social media trend niftly coined the 'Wealthie', ie: the wealthy selfie. Ha.

The research, conducted by, polled a total of 2,019 adults aged 18 and over who were each active users of social media. It also emerged that a whooping 83% had taken selfies for the purpose of posting them online with 41% claiming to do so a couple of times per month. Meanwhile, 4% confessed to taking and posting selfie images at least once a day. That's a whole lotta duckfaces.

The Rise Of The Wealthie - Selfie About Being Rich

We'd be feeling pretty smug too with this Chanel stash [Miley Cyrus Twitter]

What's truly fascinating is that many of the participants use selfies - and indeed Wealthies - for a confidence boost. 64% admitted to fishing for compliments through posting selfies and 73% said they use them in order to brag to friends and followers about new purchases, presents they're given or envious activities they take part in. Meanwhile, 41% enjoy taking selfies during nights out in order to showcase how much of a great time they're having.

It's little wonder this has become a growing trend considering the likes of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are inundating our feeds with smug-tastic selfies of their shopping sprees, designer wardrobes and picture-perfect pouts. They're endlessly bragging, via selfies, about their jet-set lifestyles and it's hard not to follow the trend, not least because showing your life through an Instagram filter makes everything look that much more fabulous.

'By documenting each and every moment of their lives through social media profiles, people can attempt to recreate how they are seen by the outside world. This is perhaps why there is such an increased obsession with people wanting to prove they can be just like the A-listers by taking their own flattering selfie images,' says George Charles, financial spokesperson for We tend to agree, George.

So what kinds of items and activities are people most likely to brag about via selfies? See the top five answers below...

34%: Designer clothes/handbag/jewellery

27%: A new car/motorbike

19%: Expensive looking meals/drinks in luxury restaurants and bars

11%: A luxury destination or holiday abroad

6%: A new tech gadget (mobile phone/table/games console/laptop)

See the biggest celebrity Wealthie offenders in the gallery above...


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