The OC Is 10 Years Old, Here Are Our Favourite Moments From The Best Show Ever

06 August 2013 by

Ready to feel old? The first episode of The OC aired TEN WHOLE YEARS AGO. Yep, it was over a decade ago when the bad kid from Chino fell into a new life in the over-privileged Orange County as he found a home with the Cohen family. Along the way he met Marissa Cooper, the troubled wild child masquerading as the girl next door.

Ryan and Marissa, alongside best pals Summer and Seth, got up to all sorts of hijinks along the way, from burning down a model home, to stealing a Faberge egg, to uncovering illicit affairs between Marissa's mom and her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend. Just think of them as the Famous Five with beer kegs and suntans. Our favourite character though? Seth's dad Sandy Cohen. As the patriarch of the show, his words of wisdom taught us many things in our adolescent years; "Foreplay, you know, erm massaging or er nibbling the neck..." PLUS, he always had bagels and schmear to lessen the blow of teenage angst.

Never mind the fact that the high-school characters were played by a cast in their late 20’s, never mind the fact that creator Josh Schwartz was rumoured to be an evil egomaniac (remember Steve Jones’ Schwartz Reports?) and never mind the fact that Marissa died at the end of series 3 and rendered the 4th series unwatchable, The OC remains one of the greatest teen dramas ever to grace our screens. It made comic books and geekery chic again, cemented the careers of bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers and The Subways and paved the way for shows such as The Hills, Gossip Girl and erm, The Real Housewives franchise. Ryan Atwood, we salute you.

In celebration, Grazia HQ has compiled our 15 Favourite Moments From The OC...

1. The Time When Seth Got On Stage At Prom And Declared His Love For Summer And Someone Shouted “Seth Cohen’s A Tool”

2. The Time When Summer And Seth Did The Spiderman Kiss Upside Down In The Rain While Champagne Supernova Played

3. The Time When Ryan Was Scared Of Heights On The Ferris Wheel And Then Marissa Kissed Him And He Was All Like, “One More Time Round Please,” To The Ride Operator

4. The Time When Marissa Overdosed And Ryan Picked Her Up And We Noticed His Arms Were All Nice And Strong And We Wished He’d Pick Us Up

5. The Time When Marissa Died And Ryan Became An Angsty Cage Fighter Which Is The Only Remotely OC-Like Thing That Happens In The Whole Of The Travesty That Was Series 4

6. The Time When Marissa Shot Trey To The Musical Strains Of Imogen Heap Long Before Jason Derulo's Time

7. The Time When Chris Brown Inexplicably Showed Up As A Band Geek With Two Dads

8. The Time When Julie Tried To Poison Caleb But Then He Died Of A Heart Attack Anyway And Kirsten Drank A Bottle Of Vodka To Numb The Pain

9. The Time When Summer Dressed Up As Wonderwoman And Seth Didn't Know What To Do With Himself

10. The Time The Family Had To Put Down Their Bagels And Mushu And Have An Intervention Because Kristen Accidentally Became An Alcoholic

11. The Time Luke Kicked Ryan And Said ‘Welcome To The OC Bitch’

12. The Time When Crazy Oliver Tried To Muscle In On Marissa At New Years Eve But Then Ryan Got There Just In The Nick Of Time 

13. The Time When Brandon Flowers Wore Pink Shirts And The Killers Played At The Bait Shop- Which Was Run By a Lesbian Olivia Wilde

14. The Time When Ryan And Marissa Nearly Got Together In The Model Home

15. The Time When Sandy Cohen Sung The Power Of Love To Kirsten On Their Anniversary. #SandyCohen4Ever


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Emily Clarke (Tue Aug 06 15:20:23 BST 2013): you forgot chrismukkah!
David Winter (Wed Aug 07 14:39:39 BST 2013): Absolutely LOVED the OC!