Are #Remembergrams The New Selfie? Here Are 8 Different Types Of Throwback Snap

28 February 2014 by

It started with #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday, but now it seems no matter the day it's ALWAYS the right time to post a retro picture on Instagram.

It seems every other picture on Kim Kardashian's social feed is now a shot taken of her from 5, 10 or 15 years ago. Cara Delevingne and Peaches Geldofg are also major culprits of rewind-photo sharing AT ANY GIVEN OCCASION too.

We're not complaining though! Throwbacks snaps are so much more adorable, hilarious and intriguing than overly-posed selfies. The pictures are more natural (we hadn't learned how to smile with our eyes pre-ANTM) and they're also a way to share a special moment or forgotten memory with our friends. Hello, sentimentality! PLUS we're all totally obsessed with nostalgia right now. Hands up who quoted Mean Girls/The OC/Sex And The City today?!

Of course just like the traditional selfie, these throwback photos - or as we're calling them #Remembergrams - come in many forms. From posts to mark a special moment to snaps that prove you were a cute baby - here are the eight different kinds of Remembergram.

1. The 'look how cute I was' gram

[Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Instagram]

2. The 'marking a special moment' gram

[Khloe Kardashian Instagram]

3. The 'remember how I used to be SO wild' gram

[Kim Kardashian Instagram]

4. The 'BFFs forever' gram

[Vanessa Hudgens Instagram]

5. The 'I'm going to embarrass my friend/sibling' gram

[Peaches Geldof Instagram]

6. The 'hanging out with someone from the past' gram

[Lindsay Lohan Instagram]

7. The 'LOLOLOL look at this funny picture of me' gram

[Cara Delevingne Instagram]

8. The 'I defs would have Instagrammed this if it had been invented then' gram

[Khloe Kardashian Instagram]


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