The New Homeland Trailer Is Here, So Can Carrie Carry On Without Brody?

19 August 2014 by

The new trailer has landed, and we are hella excited to get hooked back on Homeland. Sure, Maggie Gyllenhaal's Honourable Woman Nessa Stein has done a good job of filling in her special mix of covert ops and dangerous situations (with finessed fashions, we must admit) these last couple of weeks, but we've seriously missed Carrie's jazz freak outs.

Naturally, we always knew that was Carrie’s show, and we never doubted the power Claire Danes can exert with even so much as a lip quiver. And yet the loss of everyone’s favourite copper-headed fair-weather terrorist was felt keenly by Homeland fans at the end of last season, especially those wondering if the faltering third meant that the whole show had ground to a halt after a smart first two seasons.

But we stood strong, and were right to. This week’s season four teaser shows an action-packed Brodyless world. Gone are the brooding face-offs between star-crossed lovers, Dana’s endless cries of ‘Dad’, boring office politics back at Langley, not to mention those irritating trips to the padded cell for Cazza.

Now she’s back where she belongs out in the field. Stationed in Pakistan, she’s struggling with ‘the tyranny of secrets’ (but the tyranny of mental illness, apparently, not so much) and has somehow managed to lure Saul back into active duty. Plus, in Brody’s lithe-bodied lieu, she’s got pensive black-ops man Peter Quinn for back-up/ dirty-work/ us to letch over.

She’s also still got a pet suspect, this time in the shape of a very young looking medical student (so we hope it’s not in a sexy way). Instead, she’ll probably have a run-in with her opposite number in the Pakistani intelligence, played by Spooks’ smooth-voiced Raza Jaffrey, who warns her, ‘we’re all hoping you’ll be on your best behaviour here in Pakistan.’ We’ve got an idea she probably won’t be. And by this latest trailer, it's not all pacey run-ins with bombers, but deep, emotional long games to keep us coming back for more.

There really is no place like Homeland. Watch the trailer in full below...


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