6 Things We've Learnt About Beyonce's Tour From Amazing 'Mrs Carter Show' Footage

23 April 2013 by

In a bid to tease and tantalise us ahead of her world tour, The Mrs Carter Show, landing in the UK next Friday, Beyonce has really kindly unveiled a full one and a half minutes of footage from the tour thus far. It’s properly exciting stuff - unless you forgot to book tickets and are now cursing and kicking yourself for being so silly. It's been pretty insightful - here's what we've learnt about her tour...

1. Beyonce has bendy legs

We are so doing squats when we get home from work tonight. Not only does the mother of one look incredible, it seems she can also do incredible things with her body too. We might even sign up to Seen on Screen’s Beyonce Dance Series so we can learn some of those moves ourselves.

2. There are fireworks

A pyrotechnic display to rival a 4th July parade was always going to be a given but just look here a minute. There is fire coming out of the guitar! Awesome.

3. Beyonce pays homage to the Spice Girls

Not really but that would be really cool, wouldn’t it?

4. I Bey-lieve I Can Fly

Just like R-Kelly before her, Beyonce also has gravity defying capabilities.

5. Beyonce can sing upside down

If we could employ someone to blow wind in our face, we would. It makes you look magical. But we can also see how the constant hair-in-the-mouth might affect ones ability to belt out those high notes. Hence, plenty of big, upside down hair flicks.

6. There are many, many costume changes

We’ve already discussed how amazing her costumes are but we’re also impressed by the sheer volume of outfit changes. Just think, someone is actually getting paid to very quickly rip clothes off Beyonce backstage and then dress her again. Jels.



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