WATCH The Made In Chelsea Boys Mock Themselves In Hilarious Trailer For Series Five

22 March 2013 by

Golly gosh there just isn’t enough champers in the world to quell our excitement about the new series of Made In Chelsea – coming to our screens like REALLY SOON.

Thankfully whilst we wait, pondering whether we will ever be rich enough to eat caviar as if it were corn flakes, the boys – Spencer Matthews, Ollie Locke, Francis Boulle, Jamie Laing and Andy Jordan have given us a little taster of what to expect in this new trailer for the show. Proving that not only do they have impeccable breading and a dominant grasp on men’s grooming, they’re also pretty funny…


So now we’ve had a taster of what’s to come, here’s what we hope will happen in the next series…

1. Proudlock will do another one of his paintings

Remember when Proudlock did that painting that was an amalgamation of his, Francis and Jamie’s faces for absolutely no reason at all? That was weird, we’d like to see another one.

2. We’ll finally find out what Francis actually does

Does anybody know what Francis’ actual job is? Has this ever been explained? Is he the king of diamonds? Does he just hire out an office to make it seem like he is an important high flyer?  Does he have an real life employees? All questions we’d like answering please.

3. More street language will be used

Oh how we lol’d when Lucy decided to accuse everyone of getting up in her grill for pulling half of Chelsea.  Just how ridiculous did she sound? This season we want more street slang from Spenny asking people to ‘jump in my ride’ to Millie ‘hanging out with her gyal- dem’, to Jamie seeking out ‘peng’ women.

4. Mark Francis will launch his own linen range

If there’s anyone in this world that knows a lot about linen, it’s Mark Francis. After all, it was he who in series four explained the utmost importance of choosing the correct linen for the correct event. Perhaps he can focus this knowledge into designing his own range.

5. Ollie will share his fake tanning secrets with the world


6. Gabriella will leave the show having got a number one

It is little known that Gabriella actually had a number one in Greece with ‘Hit The Road Jack’, you know what they say, if you can make it in Greece, you can make it anywhere.


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