'She Thought It Was A Joke!' Inside George Clooney's Proposal To Amal Alamuddin

07 May 2014 by

The Inside Story On George Clooney's Proposal To Amal Alamuddin: 'She Thought It Was A Joke'


If George Clooney proposed to us, we’d probably think that someone, somewhere was having us on. And, as we reveal in this week’s issue, that was exactly the reaction that George’s fiancé Amal Alamuddin had when he popped the question over dinner at his house. 

Our source said: ‘George has been blown away by her passion, her brains, and sheer force of will. Frankly, he's been worried that someone else would snap her up if he didn't act, so he produced the ring and much to his relief, she said yes. But he did have to ask her twice! Amal thought he was pranking her at first.’

The Inside Story On George Clooney's Proposal To Amal Alamuddin: 'She Thought It Was A Joke'

Amal Alamuddin: the lady who's bagged Hollywood's most eligible bachelor [Getty]

On second thoughts, we reckon we’d have said yes straight away, and then drawn up some legally binding contract stipulating that George couldn’t pull out, joke or no joke. We’d also definitely have had t-shirts printed saying ‘George Clooney’s fiancé’. But we get the impression that Amal played things slightly cooler than we might have.

In fact, our source also said that she turned George down three times before they started dating. After meeting at a charity fundraiser last September, our source revealed: ‘She didn’t seem that impressed by him. At the end of the evening, George asked Amal for her phone number, but she declined. Then, when he got it and called her the next day to ask her on a date, she turned him down again!’

At this rate, she’ll probably be a runaway bride just to treat him mean and keep him keen. We like her style.


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