The Grazia Daily Playlist: A Geek Special To Celebrate The Rise Of The Nerds

26 February 2013 by

In the fifth of a new weekly column, Rob Fitzpatrick has created a bespoke Spotify Playlist for Grazia Daily. This week, in the new issue of Grazia out today, we celebrate the risk of the geeks girls - including Cara Delevingne. So Rob has created a playlist which celebrates all that is nerdy, dorky and dweeby in music. Listen below - and pick up today's Grazia to find out if you're a real geek or a fake...

Question: who were first two big stars of rock and roll? Answer: Elvis and Buddy Holly. One was a full-lipped, jelly-hipped jock, the other a pipe cleaner limbed, bespectacled geek. So, there is nothing inherently new about pop’s nerd-love, but what is remarkable is how what was once a decidedly niche look has now become one of the driving forces of all popular culture – it’s like a monumental Geek chorus bearing down on all of us; just look at The Power Puff Girls – three pre-school superheroes created by their “father”, Professor Utonium – or the girl in, “Keds and tube socks” in Wheatus’ hymn to glorious loserdom, Teenage Dirtbag.

Thomas Dolby’s song of praise to geekdom, She Blinded Me With Science, came out in 1982, while Huey Lewis & the News nailed the 80s obsession with behaving responsibly four years later. Jason Mraz’ 2006 single pointed the finger as the Geek In The Pink, the point being that Mraz was that geek. “I may be skinny at times, “ he says, “but I’m fat with rhymes…”

Kraftwerk have created many classic pieces of nerd-pop, and 1981’s super-bleepy Pocket Calculator is among the very best, while Childish Gambino (aka actor and writer Donald Glover) lays it out for that, until-recently, wildly under-appreciated demographic, the Black Nerd. Chester French brings in Janelle Monae to celebrate the, “extraordinary” Nerd Girl, while; back in 1968 John Fred was giving it up for Judy who hid her beauty behind her glasses.

Art-punk uber-nerds Devo proclaim they’re Through Being Cool, while Simon & Garfunkel’s 1965 track I Am A Rock might just be the brilliantly nerdy song ever written – “I have my books and my poetry to protect me,” Simon wails, “I’m shielded in my armour…” There is no such desire for solitude for Nerina Pallot, in her song Geek Love she demands an over-thinking (married) partner shut the hell up and, “just take me home and get me undressed”, which is precisely what happens to Katy Perry in Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).

Shauna Sweeney’s nerdy boyfriend collects Lego Star Wars figures, used to pick up girls on World of Warcraft and writes email in binary code but, somehow, she still actually likes him, while Jimmy Wong and Meghan Camarena go the whole hog and celebrate their Nerdy Love in song. It ought to be nauseating. OK, it sort of is, but the fact even the two biggest, most shameless geeks in the world can find someone is, surely, good news for us all. Isn’t it?


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