The Fox Problem: 8 Things You Need To Know About Google+'s First Ever TV Show

27 March 2013 by

Have you heard about The Fox Problem? If not, you’re in for a right treat because this is a brand new show that may change the way we watch TV. Oh yes. Broadcast live on Google+ at 7.30 every Tuesday, The Fox Problem sees three ladies - Gemma Cairney of Radio 1, Georgia L.A of SB:TV and Georgie Okell of T4 - hanging out in an East End pub and putting it on the Internet for us all to watch. Or, as Georgia puts it, 'it's like one big Internet cuddle' and you know how much we like those.

Grazia Daily was allowed to sit in the audience for last night's show to see just how it all comes together, from sequinned-festooned outfits to a certain Made In Chelsea star serving cocktails. So listen up as we bring you all you need to know about this foxy new phenomenon...

1. The Three Gs are genuinely friends

Forget a bunch of strangers being plonked in a studio, this trio are actual real pals who met at an Oxfam Jumble Sale. 'Georgia is my best friend in this nuts world we work in,' Georgie told us. 'We came up with the idea about a year ago and always had Gemma in mind as being the third presenter because she's just so positive and genuine.' And we can vouch for that - the natural energy between the trio is undeniable as they lark about together and get the giggles. 'We text each other in the middle of the night and go to the pub every Sunday to discuss our ridiculous ideas,' says Georgie. Sounds good to us.

2. The show takes place in an East London pub

If you go down to The Birdcage on a Tuesday night, you're sure for a big surprise. Each episode is broadcast live from the pub on East London's Columbia Road, which is perfect for that quirky 'party in a pub' vibe. Think TFI Friday meets The Big Breakfast. 'We want to shine a light on this industry, which can often be fake and bring some reality to it,' says Georgie. 'So the show is about partying with my girls, eating loads of food, getting trashed and taking the piss out of celebrities.' Ah yes, ladies after our own heart.

3. Ollie Locke is the bar man

What's a Made in Chelsea star doing in East London? you may well ask. But pick your chins up off the floor because Ollie has brilliantly agreed to travel all the way from posh land to act as the show's bar man. It's genius! He stays perched in the makeshift bar throughout the show, entertaining the crowd with this sordid tales. 'There's no watershed on the Internet so I can talk about dirty stuff,' the tanned totty told us. 'And because it's live, I can't be edited which is refreshing.' And very, very hilarious.

4. We love the foxes' groovy style

'It's the magic rail of dreams!' Georgie raves when giving us a tour of the girls' dressing room. 'Ash our stylist is amazing and brings in these eclectic pieces but there's always a theme to what we're wearing.' So do they have to coordinate, girl band stylee? 'We dress so differently so although we don't have to coordinate, it often ends up that way - usually because one of us will wear something then we all decide to wear the same colour!' Indeed, with minimal fuss the girls decide on their outfits for the evening - a mixture of sequinned trousers, wedged heels, huge hoop earrings and one animal print jumpsuit. It's '80s flash fash at its best.

The Fox Problem: All You Need To Know

5. They have opinionated chats

'The initial idea was to film a live chat between girls discussing current issues and viewers can interact,' Georgie says. 'So we open the show by saying that everyone is part of the problem and to get involved, like this week we're discussing online ettiquette'. Gemma agrees that they aim to be honest and opinionated but want to retain a sense of humour. 'The sentiment of Girls has been really inspirational for us,' says Georgia.

6. They're on a Finding Lena mission

...Speaking of which, it seems we're not the only ones obsessed with Lena Dunham. 'Girls is our favourite show of life', says Georgie so they've taken on the small task of getting her to appear on the show. They've enlisted the help of Girls superfan Kellie Olisky who takes part in the show via a Google+ hangout and knows Lena's every movement. Help #FindLena, people!

7. It showcases top music talent

The three Gs are perfectly placed for pulling in the hottest musicians thanks to their various contacts. They've already bagged Mikill Pane (watch the performance above) and Roses Gabor to perform live on the show and this week, we were treated to Nimmo and the Gauntletts who went to school with Georgia. How handy! The Riddler is a fun addition too, the self-proclaimed 'star of the show' who sings user messages from his keyboard in the corner a la Jonathan Ross' four poofs and a piano.

8. It's ALL interactive

What makes the show so original is YOU have the power to change what happens via the power of the interwebs. As the show is streamed live, viewers are in on every step of the action and are able to control which host is saved from completing an embarrassing dare via Twitter in a genius-ly titled G Spot segment. 'It's terrifying because although we rehearse everything, we have no idea what people will say, if the hangout will work, if anyone will interact with us,' says Georgie. 'But that's the best and worst thing about it: you never what's going to happen.'

Join the party every Tuesday at 7.30 on Google+ Hangout, and


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