Here's 10 Reasons Why Our Crush Of The Week Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson

14 May 2014 by

Aaron Top Totty Taylor-Johnson (Getty)

When Aaron Taylor Johnson stepped onto the red carpet for the UK premiere of Godzilla, the crowds of waiting fans were greeted by an actor who has transformed from floppy haired heartthrob to bona fide beef cake. (Sorry but prepare to hear the word beefcake a lot, it’s usually beneath us but there is no better way to describe ATJ). The 23 year old actor who famously married the artist, Sam Taylor-Wood/Johnson, 23 years his senior, is certainly making many at Grazia HQ hot under the collar with his many, many muscles. Here are the ten facts about the man we are falling hook, line and sinker for! *Warning* those of you with a weak disposition should look away now or get some water handy to cool yourself down with….

1. His Body Literally 'Kicks Ass'

Sizzling Six Pack: Aaaron originally transformed his body for the Kick-Ass franchise (Universal)

Well THE body is a pretty good place to start, I am sure you will agree. For his lead role in the Kick Ass franchise the British actor hit the gym hard and built himself a bad guy, ass kicking body which no other Hollywood heartthrob can really compete with. Sorry Zac Efron but we are pretty sure Aaron is made of rocks slash is the incredible Hulk in human form! Now before we move on to point two give yourselves a second ladies to sit back and fan yourselves whilst admiring the view- aren’t we generous here at Grazia Daily.

2. He Has Played Elizabeth Olsen’s Brother AND Husband

ATJ and Elizabeth Olsen are currently starring in Godzilla (Getty)

Yes they may seem somewhat incestuous BUT in the world of Hollywood make believe it barely raises an eyebrow. ATJ played Liz’s brother in The Avengers before starring opposite her as her husband in Godzilla. Either way, lucky Elizabeth.

3. He Has Eyes Which Penetrate Your Soul

ATJ's eyes basically make us feel violated (Getty)

Have you ever seen a pair of blue eyes more piercing than these? We basically feel violated by his gaze. The whole historical military uniform thing and those floppy blonde locks frame his eyes perfectly, don’t you think?

4. He's Married To Someone 23 Years Older Than Him

VIDEO: Aaron on Sam Taylor-Johnson (BBC)

Sam Taylor-Wood make her big screen directorial debut with the flick, Nowhere Boy. A tale all about a little known musician called, John Lennon. Not only did she garner a bucket load of critical acclaim she also got herself a rather dishy husband in the form of ATJ. The pair certainly raised eye brows with their 23 year age gap but now with two children in tow they are certainly proving the doubters wrong. GO TEAM TAYLOR-JOHNSON.

5. He's A Seriously Supportive Husband

Aaron and Sam have two children together (Getty)

Clearly Aaron is a supportive husband. Sam took on the enviable task of directing the big screen adaption of 50 Shades of Grey and the artist turned filmmaker couldn’t just have one beefcake on set in the form of Jamie Dornan, oh no, she's roped in Aaron as well. It’s not confirmed what part ATJ will play in the film but we are hoping for some sort of topless action. PLEASE SAM, make our dreams come true! 

6. His Break Out Role Was 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging'

VIDEO: ATJ poolside #dreamy

Oh we all loved it at the time and still find ourselves watching it on Netflix whenever we need that teen flick fix and another gawp at Steve Jones in his short lived hey-day! But aside from Steve, the film propelled ATJ to stardom and straight into our hearts. And yes, like Libby in the clip, we would lick Aaron too, we understand it was a knee jerk reaction babe.

7. He Used To Look Like This…

ATJ as a youngster (Getty)

Who would have funk it?! The term ugly duckling springs to mind! But what a beautiful swan he is now.

8. He can Sing too!

VIDEO: ATJ performing in 'Nowhere Boy'

He not only looks like an angel he sounds like an angel, as the actor proved in Nowhere Boy. Starring as the brainchild behind The Beatles, Aaron showed off a great quiff, sung and showed off some seriously good finger skills…ON HIS GUITAR, jeez those minds, as well as winning Sam's heart. What a busy and multi-talented boy!

9. He's Got Lush Locks

Aaron is certainly versatile... in the hair department! (Getty)

Aaron’s mane is certainly versatile: it roars from Charles I eccentric to babe town buzz cut and proves that when you think it couldn’t get any better he just compliments those chiselled cheekbones with another haircut to send us into a trance. It’s like a hair induced hallucination and boy is that mane magical!

10. Hes Got Style AND Swagger

ATJ puts the style into stylish (Getty)

Whether he is going Alexander McMatchyMatchy-McQueen with his wife on the red carpet or donning dandy inspired get-ups, Aaron is pretty much the best dressed man out there. We find it criminal that he feels the need to wear clothes at all but at least he is polite enough to do it with equal helpings of swagger and sass. Check out the size of those lapels!

If that isn’t enough ATJ for one sitting then check him out being all manly, protecting Elizabeth Olsen and fending off Godzilla in the trailer for the aptly named flick, Godzilla. We personally think he is the one putting the God into Godzilla...



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