The 5 Heartbreaks We'll All Have

22 July 2014 by

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Unless you happen to chance upon your Prince Charming aged 13 a little heartbreak is par for the course for most people. It’ll hurt, it’ll be hard but ultimately it will – and we don’t want to sound like a self-help book here (we’re totes going to) – help you work out what you really want in a relationship. Kleenex at the ready here's the five break-ups we'll all have to go through...

1. The One Whose Heart You Broke

At some point you will have to break up with someone. Maybe you don’t see him in your future, maybe he’s not a very nice person or maybe – and this is the worst – you just don’t fancy him anymore (try telling someone that without sounding like the worst human being ever). Whatever the reason it’s not going to be easy, no one just breezes out of a break up unless you’re completely heartless. Hurting someone you have cared about is really hard.

2. The One That Got Away

You thought you didn’t like him at the time, he was too nice, too kind, maybe a little boring. Six years on and after dating an intolerable amount of morons you realise that he probably in fact, the one. Unfortunately when you go to look him up on Facebook you realise that he has already married someone else because he was nice and kind, even if a little boring. Queue self-pitying tears swiftly followed by a date with someone who is completely wrong for you – you’ll never learn.

3. The One Who Was Totally Wrong For You

You know when you introduce your new boyfriend to your friends and there’s something a bit awkward about it? Or you realise you hate everything about the way he speaks / looks / acts? Well, that’s because he’s TOTALLY WRONG FOR YOU. Occasionally we all end up going out with people who are really not right for us, after breaking up with this guy you should expect to feel a little bit confused. Like seriously, what were you thinking?

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4. The One Who Was In The Right Place At The Wrong Time

Ever get the feeling with some people that had you met at a different time things would have been different. Maybe you are ready to settle down and he isn’t, maybe he wants to move abroad and you don’t. You’re at completely different points in your life and no matter what you do you just can’t make it work. You’ll struggle through for months before eventually calling it quits and you’ll never quite be able to shake that feeling of, ‘what if?’

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5. The One Who Broke Your Heart

Possibly the worst of all is the guy that actually breaks your heart. The one who you are gut wrenchingly in love with who leaves you one sunny Tuesday without so much as a by your leave when you thought you were going to be together forever. You won’t understand, you’ll cry for hours, days, possibly weeks and you’ll think that you will NEVER, EVER get over it. But you will, you’d just better make sure you’re stocked up with enough wine and tissues to get through the interim period because girl, it’s not going to be pretty.


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