'The Big Reunion' On ITV2: Atomic Kitten, B*Witched And Liberty X Are Back!

13 January 2013

Get ready to relive the cheesy pop music of the late nineties and the early noughties as TV show ‘The Big Reunion’ began filming this week. So you are a former pop star. Since leaving your band you have skated on ice, cooked up a storm in the kitchen and served it to other washed-up celebrities, and even eaten a kanagroo’s testical in order to sustain the dizzy heights of your 1990s hey-day. But the reality TV offers have dried up and you can’t even get a guest slot on The Wright Stuff. What is one to do? You do the unthinkable. You pretend the bitchy backstabbing never happened and re-join your band mates. Of course, DUH!

The groups reunited for the first day of filming [Twitter/Atomic Kitten]

Well that is what six former Smash Hits cover stars have done. Get ready world because in the name of ITV2’s upcoming show, The Big Reunion, Atomic Kitten, 5ive, B Witched, 911, Liberty X and even The Honeyz (remember them?) are going to dust off their Ellesse trainers and get back on that stage.
In hot anticipation of this event, we have taken a look at these six acts back catalogues and picked their best hits which we all owned on CD or even tape (cringe for anyone under 16 reading this). So buckle yourselves in guys for a trip back down memory lane. Panda pops compulsory.


So Jenny is obviously too busy watching re-runs of herself on Snog Mary Avoid to factor in the small matter of a reunion. But do not worry, Liz and Natasha are back with none other than the face of yet another payday loan company, Kerry Katona!  In honour of this momentous event of national importance we have delved into the Atomic Kitten hit parade and re-discovered ‘See ya.’ Complete with bucket hats and bandanas the trio travel across America with the help of their trusty telescope. It is gold. We challenge you not to sing along.

2. 5IVE

Whilst Boyzone were belting out their ballads, 5ive, the greatest boy band of the 1990s, (sorry Boyzone but you didn’t dance) were getting down alright! Fast forward to 2013 and they have carelessly misplaced a member, returning as a four-piece.  Get ready for some questionable rapping and some troubling hair gel application with this video for the hit, ‘Everybody get up.’ It even starts like every great pop video should, with a school scene. So Grange Hill, so chic! Bonus points if you can remember which one of these ‘street-wise’ lads used to date Billie Piper. 


If you have an issue with double denim, cover your eyes now as you will not like what you see. With some impressive green screen trickery we give you, ‘C’est La Vie’ by the four Irish songbirds, B*Witched. Get your jig ON and get ready to chant such questionable lyrics as, ‘I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.’ Oh I say!

4. 911

It's 1997 and apparently the three-piece boyband 911 were getting our bodies shakin’, right the way down to the floor. In this clip from their Top Of The Pops performance of ‘Body Shakin’, the boys can be seen shaking their hips all over the place, crotch grabbing and making the female audience scream with delight, or is it fear? Either way it’s so wrong its right, almost. We are suddenly craving an oversized '90s sports top...


Made up of the rejects that didn’t quite make it into Hear Say, Liberty X ended up trumping their rivals with a career which lasted long after Mylenne Klass put down her diamante microphone and headed off into the jungle. Fetish vixens are dancing, cane and all, in this early naughties number one smash ‘Just a Little.’ Obviously this is where Tom Ford came for his inspiration for AW12.


So few hits, but such gems! The Honeyz, the 1990s answer to The Sugababes, attacked each ballad with a sassy tuxedo suit and a flash of a lacey bra. Get ready to air grab along to this Top Of The Pops performance of ‘End of the line’.

by Josh Newis-Smith @omy_josh

The Big Reunion airs on ITV2 later this month


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Stephanie Monday Hampton (Mon Jan 14 21:13:44 GMT 2013): am looking forward to this :D getting my old 911 tshirt out :)
Lynda Payne (Tue Jan 15 11:15:02 GMT 2013): OMG cant wait for this.
David McBride (Tue Jan 15 14:25:04 GMT 2013): I've just discovered why I didn't listen to music when I was younger... This hurts me in the soul.
Rhi Ibbetson (Tue Jan 15 15:22:37 GMT 2013): Hahaha desperation setting in guys?
Laura Jane Atkinson (Tue Jan 15 15:37:18 GMT 2013): OMG I can't for this.
Honey Haguli (Tue Jan 15 16:17:53 GMT 2013): Five Fans? Please follow the boys here @Official5ive @Scottlarock5 @Abzlove @RagztoRichez @SeanConlonMusic #FiveFansAreAmazing xx :*.
Sam Greenfield (Tue Jan 15 20:43:02 GMT 2013): Its not really Five when there is now only four of them and the main man J ain't in it anymore :-(
Laura Leanne Hawley (Wed Jan 16 22:51:19 GMT 2013): Omg omg omg.... Cannot wait for this xxx
Laura Leanne Hawley (Wed Jan 16 22:53:28 GMT 2013): Craig have you heard about this!!! Xxxx
Peter Ellis (Fri Jan 18 01:55:51 GMT 2013): are they just all getting back together for one concert or for serious lol x.
Martyn Taff Williams (Fri Jan 18 05:57:30 GMT 2013): Just one question WHY...................
Martyn Taff Williams (Fri Jan 18 05:58:10 GMT 2013): WHY........As ifd there is not enough shit music out there already.
Johnny McVey (Sun Jan 20 14:42:01 GMT 2013): Because they want to
Jonathan Griffin (Sun Jan 20 20:04:25 GMT 2013): bewiched awesome, was only talking about them recently, bizarre!
Marian Hindley (Sun Jan 20 20:30:26 GMT 2013): Totally agree. Without J it wont be 5ive :(
Vicky Mann (Tue Jan 22 18:37:02 GMT 2013): Are there tickets on sale now?
Erin Manning (Wed Jan 23 13:31:37 GMT 2013): sooooo excited eeeekkk
Daz Clarke (Sat Jan 26 23:03:38 GMT 2013): Can I get tickets,I loved Atomic kitten+ B*witched
Jo Kimberley Rudd (Sat Jan 26 23:19:39 GMT 2013): C'est la vie