Oscars 2014: 7 Alternative Academy Awards That Should Have Been Won

03 March 2014 by

So, Matthew McConaughey took home Best Actor, Lupita Nyong'o pipped Jennifer Lawrence to the Best Supporting Actor gong, and 12 Years A Slave got the biggie for Best Picture. But here at Grazia Daily, we'd like to honour some of the other champions of last night's Academy Awards. Ok, so they might not be going home clutching a shiny statuette...but they're winners in our eyes.

1. Best photobomb

No contest. As if we didn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch enough, he goes and makes a quite boring picture of U2 a million times better by launching himself into the background. Don’t ask us how he got up that high. Our money is on Liza Minnelli giving him a lift up. Speaking of which...

2. Least impressed person of the night

Liza Minnelli, after host Ellen DeGeneres made a joke about her looking like a drag queen. Ellen tried to make it up to the star later by sneaking up for a selfie...but Liza's face says it all. You do not mess with the Minnelli.

3. Most glamorous parent

Okay, now we see where Jared gets his look looks from - not to mention that lovely mane of glossy hair. There were lots of glamorous mums on the red carpet last night (an honoury mention goes to Leonardo's ma, Irmelin), but it was Constance Leto who stole the show. And when Jared collected his award for Best Supporting Actor he heaped praise on her, saying: “She encouraged her kids to be creative and work hard and do something special.” Swoon.

4. Best supporting role

We’re not talking about acting here, but the prize for the most supportive partner – and Mrs McCougnahy is a clear frontrunner for this. She's been glued to her husband's side at every awards bash this year (and there have been a lot), and Matthew showed his gratitude last night by thanking Camila in his speech, saying "the courage and significance you give me every day I go out the door is unparalleled."

5. Best use of Pharrell’s hat

To collect money to pay for the pizza that Ellen ordered for everyone. Luckily, it was big enough to fit enough dosh to feed the auditorium five times over. Ours is a meat feast, yeah?

6. Best shimmy

Amy Adams and Lupita Nyong'o gave it their best shot, but when Pharell got the ladies in the audience up to dance to his hit Happy, it was Meryl who really had the moves.

7. The 'Angelina Jolie services to tuxedos' award

While her sisters went for mega watt glam (could Kim's dress be any more look-at-me?), Kourtney Kardashian decided to go for the androgynous look in a tux for Elton's Oscars bash. What a red carpet rule breaker...if only Ange hadn't done it two weeks earlier.


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