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The MTV EMAs: Miley Cyrus' Jazz Cigarette And Katy Perry Pretends To Be A Maypole

We’ve already told you about Miley’s special Biggie and Tupac dress at the 2013 EMA’s in Amsterdam, well now let's take a look at our favourite moments from the always unpredictable award show...

1) Miley Sparks Up A ‘Special Cigarillo’ (Look Away Now- Again- Hannah Montana)

Miley continuing to keep those curtain twitchers busy, by celebrating her win for Best Video (for the Terry Richardson directed Wrecking Ball) by lighting up a special cigarillo. “I couldn’t fit this away in my bag, my I did find this,” she told the crowd. Sadly though she didn't hold the jazz cigarette in a big foam finger.

2)…She Also Performed Dressed In Tin Foil

In a bizarrely styled performance, which we can only imagine came with the directions; "a bit like an Aqua video from 1996" Miley sang We Can't Stop to a Gravity-inspired Space theme accompanied by short person dressed in an uncomfortable looking latex outfit. Could this be what the Cantina Band from Tatooine will look and sound like in the new Star Wars film?

3) Eminem Goes ‘Berzerk’

With a new album (The Marshall Mathers LP 2) sitting at the top of the charts, MTV thought it would be a good time to honour the real Slim Shady with a big award (the slightly terrifying sounding ‘Global Icon Award’). He performed the single Berzerk and Rap God plus he had some lol post performance banter with Ron Burgundy as he picked up his award.

4) Katy Perry Pretends To Be A Maypole

Katy Perry performed probably the easiest dance routine of her career (i.e. standing stock still) whilst dressed as a maypole. Her dancers frantically ran around her as if she was about the throw a massive hissy fit. In fact, she was just singing her megaballad Unconditional. In the ends she broke free and floated through the air. Phew!

5) The Fox Says 'We Are Two Grown Up Men Dressed Up Like Foxes'

Obviously you won’t be able to escape your office Christmas party without the sound of Ylvis’ novelty hit The Fox (What Does The Fox Say) blasting out of the stereo. So we were pretty stunned to see the real life Ylvis performing this track in the style of It's A Knockout circa 1980.


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