The 12 Dos and Don'ts Of Christmas Decorations Illustrated By Jessica Alba, Khloe Kardashian And Peaches Geldof

13 December 2012 by

GALLERY >> The 12 DOs and DON'Ts of Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations can really divide opinion. Do you wait until the 24th before buying your tree or have you already got an ornamental nativity scene covering the front of your house? It doesn't matter if you're a Hollywood star or an Average Josephine, what's tasteful to one person can be a bling monstrosity to another. While the Kardashians favour mountains of Swarovski baubles and streams of platinum lights the more discerning of us are more than happy with a bit of tinsel and a knitted snowman.

The same can be said for how you go about putting up your Christmas decorations. Should the whole family be involved (dog included) or is it a job best done solo. One thing’s for sure, we advise you don't do it in your undies like actor Mario Lopez. Speedos Santa is so not a good look.

The first DON'T in our list is inspired by Bar Rafaeli (pictured above). DON'T despair. Christmas is a time to relax. So put down that Star of Bethlehem and scroll through our festive gallery...

DON'T forget to take a breather

If getting the house ready for Christmas is stressing you out then take five minutes out for a cuppa like Tom Fletcher of McFly. In a Christmas mug of course!

DO remember you're never too old for Santa Claus

Everyone wants to meet Father Christmas, but go for a hug like Pixie Lott rather than the lap.

DON'T mix babies and tinsel

Sure it's cute until there are shredded shiny foil rectangles all over the house.

Or put a puppy in a tree

Jinxy doesn't like it Eva Longoria, and neither do we!

Or wrap lights around your grumpy cat

Harley Viera Newton's kitty does not look happy about this festive situation. Cats just aren't joining in types.

DO be romantic

Bless! Kevin Jonas and his wife get all gooey in front of Bauble Mountain.

DON'T be a daredevil

US gymnast McKayla Maroney and fam take a few sporting risks when decorating their tree. It's got You've Been Framed written all over it.

Definitely DON'T be a daredevil in your pants

Mario Lopez gets support from his daughter while putting the finishing touches to their tree. Decorating as a family is a joyous thing, just remember to put your trousers on before you attempting such a difficult stretch.

DO match your tree to your lifestyle

Only the Kardashians would opt for a platinum tree. Not advised unless you want to be known as the neighbourhood show off.

DON'T pretend that's yours!

What a splendid tree Jessica Alba. You can see a video of the star's real tree [a href="" target="_blank">here[/a] - and yes it is quite impressive too.

DO remember to avoid our 14 Instagram sins

Put that [a href="/conversation/entertainment/twelve-instagram-sins-as-illustrated-by-kim-kardashian-and-justin-beiber">#Foamart[/a] away, even if it is festive!


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