Teen Movie Swaps! Film Buff Charlie Lyne Picks The Little Known Flicks You're Sure To Love

03 April 2014 by

Charlie Lyne has watched 300 teen movies. As the producer and writer of Beyond Clueless, a documentary investigating high school films and the crazy world they inhabit, he's had to swat up on his teen flick knowledge. From Bring It On: Fight To The Finish to Cruel Intentions 3, he's *literally* seen them all. 

We chatted to him last month about little known facts he'd discovered during his research. Did you know Usher appears as a melodramatic extra in The Faculty or that body-swap movie It's A Boy Girl Thing is actually British?! 

Tired of watching the same old teen films? This time round we've asked him to pick the lesser known movies to watch instead. For example.. say your fave film's Clueless but you've watched it FAR too many times, why not watch Slap Her, She's French!, another teen movie with a similar vibe.

1. If you love Clueless then you'll love Slap Her, She's French!

Starring Piper Perabo (of Coyote Ugly fame), a Texan cheerleader's life is taken over by her French foreign exchange student. 

2. If you love Bring It On then you'll love But I'm a Cheerleader

While Bring it On doesn't really have a moral compass, But I'm A Cheerleader deals with issues like rehab and conversion therapy. And there's cheerleading.

3. If you love American Pie then you'll love Idle Hands

A gory teen horror about a lazy stoner teenager whose hand becomes possessed. It stars a super young Jessica Alba!

4. If you love She's The Man then you'll love It's A Boy Girl Thing

Geeky Samaire Armstrong swaps bodies with jock Kevin Zegers in It's A Boy Girl Thing. Cue life-lessons and a whole host of strange moments.

5. If you love Save The Last Dance then you'll love Storytelling

Featuring music by Belle & Sebastian and starring Selma Blair, Storytelling has two plot lines: 'Fiction' about a professor having affairs with the students in his college creative writing class and 'Non-Fiction' about the filming of a high school student throughout his college application process.

6. If you love Cruel Intentions then you'll love The Rules of Attraction

7. If you love Carrie then you'll love Ginger Snaps

Two death obsessed sisters suffer terrible consequences when one is bitten by a werewolf. 

8. If you love The Craft then you'll love Crossroads

It features Britney Spears reading the lyrics to 'Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman' as poetry. Enough said.

9. If you love Donnie Darko then you'll love Bubble Boy

Jake Gyllenhaal filmed both movies in the same year. 

10. If you love She's All That then you'll love Not Another Teen Movie

Fans of classic teen film She's All That will love this parody of the movie featuring 'Janey' rather than 'Laney' Briggs.

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