We Spend 2 Hours A Week Regretting Decisions - Here Are Our Top 15 Regrets!

26 November 2012 by

Regrets. I’ve had a few. No really, I have had a few. Certainly my decision to take the bus not the tube to work today, unaware that there were roadworks. I also regret that last wine on Saturday. Come to think of it, I’m starting to regret the tuna sandwich  I just had for lunch too.

Of course the wiser among us will know that having regrets is regrettable, that everything happens for a reason and that we should be happy with our life decisions no matter how they pan out.

Except we don’t. New research from the British Heart Foundation reveals that we love to regret, spending on average two hours a WEEK thinking about the decisions they regret. We also have up to six regrets in life, according to the survey. Six? Is that all? Here some of Team Grazia reveal they’re biggest (of the week) regrets…


Giving up on childhood hobbies too easily. Who knows what kind of ballet dancing, piano playing, hockey stick wielding, cross country running, horse riding superstar I could have been by now.

Watching Breaking Dawn Part 2. I’ll never get those 2 hours and £11 back.


I seriously regret the time I tried to intercept a sweet being thrown by my French teacher. I tripped over a desk and fourteen years later I still have a schnozz shaped like knobbly potato to remind me what a greedy sweet guzzler I was.

I seriously regret watching the entire series of America’s Next Top Model over the weekend. I mean really regret. I am definitely stupider for it.


On a small scale, I really regret asking for extra beetroot in my juice - it now tastes like a field.

I also regret buying tomato soup on the day I wore a peach top

Oh and I regret asking Benedict Cumberbatch if he had Aspergers. That went down well.


The time I decided that if men could get a ten quid haircut at the barber, then I could too. Spent my first term at uni with a fringe that was an inch long and went directly upwards like a very small Mohican. Much laughter from friends and hair clips for months.

The time I decided I would not lie on the beach in LA with the other girls but go surfing with the boys. Nearly drowned and then started crying.


I don’t really go in for regrets but my Garage Girl phase could be airbrushed out of the photo albums and I wouldn’t lose a blink of sleep. What with the Croydon Facelift, plastic nails and Patrick Cox loafers, I made Tulisa look classy. Thank god Facebook was but a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye circa 1997…otherwise the whole world could see my fashion shame….!


Thinking that wearing a white kappa tracksuit jacket would ingratiate me with the cool kids and the boy of my dreams would fall magically in love with me. I may have been 14 and living in essex but still, NO.

Letting my mum convince me to have trumpet lessons before taking up the saxophone. Coupled with a train track brace, it caused me nothing but pain and embarrassment for 3 whole years.

Telling Doctor Who aka Matt Smith how much I loved him and the show when I met him. I was so terrifying that rather than asking me to be his new assistant, he muttered something about needing the loo and ran off. The shame.

Not discovering I had fairly ok legs until about 2 years ago. Think of all those wasted short skirt wearing opportunities!!!


Being naïve enough to trust a hairdresser who bleached the underneath of my hair until it fell off and dyed the top of my hair black when I was 15. I said I wanted CARAMEL and MAHOGANY. What I got was tacky badger. Neither my hair or my pride have ever recovered.



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