SXSW: The Best Bits Of The Movie, Music And Tech Festival So Far...

11 March 2014 by

There's a whole lot happening in Austin, Texas right now. SXSW Festival has kicked off and with it a whole heap of exciting moments! From pop culture dreams-come-true (HELLO, Veronica Mars premiere!), to speeches from the likes of Julian Assange and Mindy Kaling, the two-week event celebrates the best of music, film and technology.

There's still seven days of music and late night partying to come as the second part of the festival kicks of and bands, rappers and singers all head to the city to play. Plus, there's going to be a speech from Lady Gaga who was recently announced as the first singer to perform in space Until then, here are the highlights so far.

1. The Veronica Mars selfie

Oh goodness! The long-awaited Veronica Mars movie has almost arrived! Crowd-funded on Kickstarter by fans of the show, the film premiered at SXSW last week. General opinion? The story about Veronica returning to school for a reunion just in time to solve a murder was smart, sassy, witty and quite dark in places. The cast took on Ellen DeGeneres and co. and posed for a selfie at the event. #veronicamarsmovie

2. Justin Bieber shouts out to his 'baby'... *cough* Selena Gomez *cough*

Justin took to the stage at the Banger’s Sausage and Beer Garden venue to perform 'As Long As You Love Me'. 'This next song goes out to my baby,' he 20-year-old declared onstage, while looking at Selena in the audience.

3.  Mindy Kaling becomes the newest young feminist voice

Mindy Kaling talked feminism at her SXSW Q&A. 'The guys on my staff identify as feminist,' she told the room. 'You shouldn't be applauding the women writers on my staff, that should just be the way it is. I think as women we want other women to do so well, but we think formidable means no fun.'

She also explained that being an Indian American had made her comedy career more difficult: 'people wouldn't think you're funny because of the way you look.'

4.  Zac Efron gives us three tickets to the gun show

Zac Efron.. err... flaunted his bulked up arms while chatting at a screening of his new movie 'Neighbours'.

5.  The return of grumpy cat!

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat made his second visit to the Austin Festival this year. He was unimpressed by the event and remained grumpy. Last time he came people were queueing for two hours for a photo, no word on how big the lines were this year.

In other cat-related news, visitors to festival were invited to attend 'Cat Cash: The Economy of Internet Cat Videos'.

6. The Game of Thrones simulator

Massive Game of Thrones fan? Prepare to be very jealous. Visitors to SXSW can experience what it's like to climb to the top of the 700-foot Wall that cuts the land of Westeros in half. Donning a headset and headphones, the technology covers sight, sound and touch to give an sensation that's pretty close to the real thing. Users can see the panoramic view while the 'wind' whips their face.

7. The 'Wrecking Ball' in Mashable House

Available for swinging and selfies. Yayy!

8. Bill Cosby sends his first ever Instagram

The 76-year-old comic legend tried his hand at Instagramming for the first time at SXSW yesterday, getting a hand from the Facebook team. 
'Welcome Instagram, it's good for me,' he posted. 

9. Lena Dunham talks typecasting


Lena Dunham took to the stage at SXSW to talk about the success of TV show Girls. In her presentation she talked about how the only Girls star to get offered a range of different roles since the show hit the big time is ironically - its male star Adam.

'People are ready to see Adam play a million different guys in one year – from lotharios to villains to nerds,' she said. 'Meanwhile [co-stars] Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet are still waiting for parts they can get interested in.'



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