Made In Chelsea And The Hills Combine! What Can We Expect From Stephanie Pratt's Cameo?

08 August 2013 by

So it was weird enough when Stephanie Pratt of The Hills started dating Spencer Matthews of Made in Chelsea. The clashing of two of our favourite reality TV shows was almost too much for our brains to handle - but today it gets better! Because rumours are swirling that Stephanie is set to make an actual appearance on MIC *cue eye-popping head spin*

Yes, Stephanie and Spencer will bring their love story to our screens in a combo that could rival Kanye on The Kardashians (we said could). Stephanie and Spencer were spotted filming with Louise Thompson on Sloane Street yesterday afternoon and the world of reality TV almost combusted. What a befuddling sight to see Steph decked out in trademark Hills gear - hello teeny cut-off denim shorts - alongside Louise who stayed true to her Chelsea roots in a sequinned jacket, colour-popping bag and high-heeled ankle boots. Oooh, this is one telly clash we cannot WAIT to see!

 Made In Chelsea And The Hills Combine! What Can We Expect From Stephanie Pratt's Cameo?

Do you agree that this really could be a match made in TV heaven? Because while The Hills was all about beautiful young things with too much cash, swanky pool parties, wearing next to nothing and arguing over who's dating who, err, so is Made In Chelsea. Blighty's version, however, is lacking one vital ingredient: the Californian sunshine. So here's hoping Stephanie will be just what the posh lot need, ie: American fabulosity and (even more) dramatic moments. Plus, Lord knows there's a vacancy for bronzed skin now that Ollie Locke is out of the mix. We'll also be needing a cocktail-throwing diva in the absence of Millie Mackintosh... TV heaven, we tell you.

But what else can we expect from Steph's cameo? Will she bring along her brother (also called Spencer - weird) AND will it lead to a Heidi appearance? Before we get too carried away, let's take a look at our favourite Hills GIFs for a taster...


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