13 Stars Behind The Counter: Kate Moss Flips Burgers, Nicole Richie At Burger King & Michelle Obama Pulls Pints

27 March 2013 by

On instagram this morning LOVE Magazine's Katie Grand tweeted a throwback snap of Kate Moss squeezing a big dollop of ketchup onto a burger from inside a knock-off McDonald's stand [above]. But this isn't a candid from Mossy's old Saturday job, as this is all in the name of fashion. Kate flips burgers, makes fries and serves up orange soda while wearing très chic McMossy overalls in a short video by Tom Sachs.

But Kate isn't the only star to ignore the 'Staff Only' signs and duck behind the counter. Victoria Beckham served up fraps in green overalls and shades at Starbucks, while Selena Gomez posed in an In-N-Out Burger hat. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have tried on all the fast food uniforms in their show the Simple Life, including giant Milkshake costumes and Burger King visors.

The most tempting counter to duck under is... (unsurprisingly) the bar in a pub. Abbey Clancy, Rita Ora, Kelly Brook and the Obamas have all pulled their own pints. The Duchess of Cornwall was a landlady for the day, pulling pints at the Rovers Pub on Coronation Street to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary, while Prince Charles pulled his own pint of Cronx in Croydon.

Look below to see stars behind the counter...

1. 'Welcome to McMossy' - Kate Moss flips burgers

Kate flips burgers next to her smoking ash tray in a makeshift fast food stand. Seriously, HOW does the super even make knock-off McDonalds overalls look good?

2. Frap anyone? Victoria in Starbecks

Posh tweeted a picture of herself pouring a mug of coffee in a green apron in a Starbucks in Bejing with the caption 'Frap anyone?'

3. Eating her salary - Nicole Richie in Burger King

Why work when you can eat? Nicole Richie ate her way through the Burger King stock on her reality show The Simple Life

4. Selena Gomez at In-N-Out

Selena showed her loyalty to the fast food chain In-N-Out by tweeting a picture of her in their paper hat.

5. Paris and Nicole's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Before he was an actor Brad Pitt had a job where he wore a chicken suit outside of a fast food restaurant. Sadly there is no photographic evidence of his previous career, but we have the next best thing. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton dressed as milkshakes for The Simple Life.

6. Harry Styles, the baker boy

Before he was a member of One Direction Mr Harry Styles worked in his local bakery in Holmes Chapel. His former boss told Heat Mag 'The shop suddenly had an influx of girls when Harry worked there, sometimes there’d be 12 pouring in at one time. Even now, a group of 20 girls will come in and start taking photos of the shop.' Hazza used to enjoy a big brunch pastie before work, finished off with a vanilla custard slice or a millionaire’s shortbread.

7. Georgia May Jagger at In-N-Out Burger

The it-Brit sipped on milkshakes and propped herself up at the counter of In-N-Out Burger in a campaign for Madonna and Lourdes' line Material Girl

8. The Real Slim Shady

For his video for 'The Real Slim Shady' Eminem slipped into a fast food uniform and spat into a tray of onion rings.

9. The Obamas pull a pint

MObama learnt the art of pulling a pint at the Ollie Hayes' pub in Moneygall.

10. And The Duchess of Cornwall pulls a pint in The Rovers

While The Duchess of Cornwall was taught how to pull a pint by Corrie's Liz McDonald (who chose to wear sequins to meet the royal).

11. Then Prince Charles pulls a pint in Croydon

Prince Charles was taught how to pull a pint in Croydon, as he served a pint of Cronx.

12. Oh, and Rita Ora got in on the pint action too

Proving she's just a normal girl, Rita tweeted a picture of herself in a casual beanie and sweater pulling a pint.

13. ...as did Abbey Clancy and Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook and Abbey Clancy pulled pints after the Giles show at London Fashion Week. Not the usual post-catwalk activity... Who'll be next?


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