VIDEO: Sofia Coppola Talks 'The Bling Ring' And Emma Watson's Transformation

03 July 2013 by

This week Grazia caught up with film director and style icon Sofia Coppola about her new film, The Bling Ring. Starring Emma Watson, the film, based on real-life events, follows a gang of vacuous LA teenagers who break into the houses of celebrities to steal designer goods.

So what first attracted Sofia to the film? "I remember it being on the news, then I read the article in Vanity Fair. I thought it was fascinating and it would make a good movie because it had all these fun pop elements and at the same time it was disturbing. It just felt like it was so contemporary and about our culture today that you know it couldn’t have happened 10 years ago."

And how did she find it working with Emma Watson in one of her first films post-Harry Potter? "I was really impressed how she transformed herself, she’s such a hard worker but I thought she just totally turned into this trashy LA girl really well." Not exactly the look Emma goes for normally... "No! I was always amused by her costumes, it was fun to see her in fittings with the extensions and her LA look."

VIDEO: Sofia Coppola Talks 'The Bling Ring' And Emma Watson's Transformation

There's a scene in the film when the group break into Paris Hilton's house and Emma Watson's character tries out a spot of pole dancing, how did that come about? "The real girl (Alexis Neier - one of the real-life Bling Ring-ers) did a exercise pole dancing class. I think it’s a pretty LA thing." Says Sofia. "And Paris Hilton really has a nightclub room with the pole in it in her house so obviously we had to incorporate that." So the scenes in Paris' house were actually filmed in Paris' house? "Yeah! Paris Hilton let us shoot in her house which was incredible to see and I’m excited for audiences to get to see the real place because we couldn’t have created that."

Paris herself actually makes an appearance in the film, did she work closely with Sofia considering her house was such a big target for the gang? "She was really supportive to me and wanted to be helpful. She showed us real security footage and showed us round her house." Sofia also added that the heiress had several valuable heirlooms stolen which she hasn't ever managed to retain.

The Bling Ring is in cinemas July 5th


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