The Trailer For Beyonce's Documentary Reveals 6 Reasons Why It Will Be Amazing

14 January 2013 by

It’s started - and we’re not talking about awards season. We mean Beyonce’s big comeback. It began last week with a tease – a leaked snapshot of a very saucy GQ cover that spread like wildfire across the internet. Then there was the news of a brand new Destiny’s Child single. Next week she’s singing at Obama’s inauguration, then on February 3rd, she’ll appear live during half time at the Super Bowl – where she’s rumoured to be premiering her new single.

Least of all, there’s her HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream - directed by Bey herself - which premieres in the US on 16th February. We saw a teaser late last year, but now she’s released a new 90 minute trailer – which has got us massively excited. Here’s five reasons why…

1. We see her baby scan

Since Blue Ivy was born last January, Beyonce and Jay Z have been fiercely protective of her privacy – but in her documentary she shares a hugely intimate moment – her first sonogram. We reckon she could even use it as her profile picture on Facebook and we wouldn’t get annoyed. That's how amazing she is.

2 …and her bare baby bump

We also see a shot of Beyonce’s bump – before she announced to the world she was pregnant. “They keep putting me in tight clothes - trying to hide it is very difficult,” she says. “I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.” She shouldn’t have worried. Her bump looks how the rest of us do after a big plate of pasta.  

3. She’s a bit shy, honest

Yes, she’s exposing her whole life to the world in a feature length documentary – but she’s still worried about what people think of her. “I always battle with how much of myself I reveal,” she says. “I’m a human being. I cry, I get scared, I get nervous…just like everyone else.”  Think of it like paranoia over a Facebook status or tweet, just on a slightly bigger scale.

4. Her and Jay-Z get cosy

They’ve been voted the most powerful couple in the world by Forbes magazine, but – as an earlier teaser for the documentary showed – they’re still partial to a big old bear hug. Beyonce teased us with a shot of her wedding dress in the video to I Was Here - and we’re hoping she’ll reveal more about her and Jay’s relationship this time round.

5. She’s got the moves

If the trailer is anything to go by, we’ll see a lot of Beyonce’s dance moves – which is fine by us. Her choreographer is a little bit scary, though. “You should be focused until it’s done!” he yells at the dancers at one point. So that’s why she’s such a good dancer.

6. We see her au naturel

Beyonce wins at everything – including looking amazing bare faced. The documentary features lots of footage of her talking into her laptop, sans slap, and still looking totally amazing. She does put on some massive gold hoop earrings for her dance rehearsal though. Definition of a diva.



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