'Singledom' Is On The Rise: Here's 10 Signs You've Been Living Alone For Too Long

08 March 2013 by

Happy Friday! Or is it...? For starters, it's raining and we're heading for a cold snap, and secondly we're all sniffly, cold-y and flu-y and thirdly, we're all going to die alone.

Alright, slight exaggeration there. However, new statistics released today do state that 25- to 44-year-olds are five times more likely to live alone than they would have been four decades ago, which basically means that 'singledom' has risen 7% since 1973. So, whether or not it's a choice, the fact is that more of us are saying sayonara to roommates, adios to co-habiting and hello to forging ahead alone.

Now, we're not saying that living alone is the worst: it's totally got its perks. You can eat what you want, come in at all hours of the night, forget to shower... All in all it's a pretty good existence. There is such a thing, however, as too much of a good thing. Here're 10 signs you've been living alone for too long - who knows, there might be something to be said for leaving the house after all.

Nakedness Has Become A New State Of Being

Cooking, watching TV, exercising? You name it, living alone means it can all be done naked.

rachel friends naked

You've Built An Actual Blanket Fort

And slept in it.

blanket fort

Your Cats Think They're People

More tea Muffykins?

You've Invited Charity Workers In For A Cup Of Tea And A Chat

Any conversation counts, right?

Ketchup On Bread Seems Like A Viable Dinner Option

See also: gravy and pasta.

When Friends Visit And They Don't Use A Coaster You Feel Like Doing This...

ferris bueller

Your Bed Has Become Your Dining Room Table

Nothing beats waking up to a rogue prawn stuck to your cheek.

You Realise You've Spent More Time With Bryan Cranston Than Real People This Week

You will run out of Breaking Bad eventually. Then what will you do, eh? No - really.

breaking bad

Your House Is Full Of Pointless Crafts You Found Out How To Make On Pinterest

pinterest craft

You've Gone Whole Weekends Without Taking Off Your Pyjamas

Because, why would you?

pyjamas dance


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