What We've Learned From Sienna Miller And Jude Law About Their Relationship

01 February 2014 by

Jude Law Sienna Miller

Jude Law and Sienna Miller [Getty]

This week both Sienna Miller and Jude Law have been speaking openly about the break down of their relationship. Both stars, who dated on and off between 2003 and 2006 and again between 2009 and 2011 had both been called to testify in the on-going phone hacking trail. They have both spoken on the subject of Sienna's affair with fellow actor Daniel Craig in 2005. 

The affair was reported at the time in the News Of The World and it has since come to light that some of the information included in the story was garnered through the hacking of their phones. Jude - whose real name is Dave - was the first to stand at the trail, which continues, and he spoke openly about leaving voicemail messages for Daniel regarding his relationship with Sienna. 

Jude also spoke about a phonecall he had had with Sienna's Layer Cake co-star. He said, 'We had known each other many, many years so the conversation took all sorts of turns.' Days later Sienna spoke herself via video link. She admitted to having what she described as a 'brief encounter' with Daniel and spoke in reference to a voicemail she had left him in which she signed off with, 'I love you.' Sienna said that was how she would sign off all of her calls. 

Also this week the actress, who is now happy with her actor beau Tom Sturridge with whom she has has a daughter Marlowe, spoke to Esquire magazine about why she and Jude decided to give things another go in 2009. Sienna explained that she, 'Had to do it. A huge part of my life and his life and it ended in a way that was awful. When something ends in a way like that, it's important if you can, in a way, go back and revisit it and either shut that door or create a new room. So it was a very healthy, cathartic experience.'

Sienna also explained that the two are still friends, she said, 'I think it paved the way for both of us to have great futures with no animosity or drama. Such a huge relief, to heal that. And I'm great friends with him and with his children. I love them, madly. Just huge love and respect for all of them.'


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