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We Speak To Sheridan Smith About Disastrous Dates: EXCLUSIVE

Sheridan in 'Dates'

Fresh from her recent Bafta triumph for the title role in the drama Mrs Biggs, Sheridan Smith - who first made her name in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and Gavin & Stacey - makes a return to comedy tonight in Channel 4’s Dates. Sheridan, 31, plays Jenny, recently single and emotionally raw, dipping her toe into the treacherous waters of internet dating for the first time. The actress’s own romantic history includes her former co-star James Corden, who she dated for two years, and she was briefly linked to Reg Traviss, Amy Winehouses’ ex. Grazia's Jane Mulkerrins caught up Sheridan to hear more about the show…and her own dating disasters.

Jenny doesn’t seem to have much luck online dating, does she?

The sweet thing about Jenny is that even when alarm bells are ringing, she sticks with it and tries to stay positive, tries to think these guys might not be that weird. But she’s got her own dark side as well, which is perhaps why she is a bit more lenient with them. I would be out of the door at the first sign of lunacy.

Sheridan can't decide whether to go for the 'Burger and Beer' deal or not

Have you ever looked for love online yourself?

I’ve never done it myself, but I have lots of mates who have, and one friend who even met her husband that way, so I know it does work for people. But the horror stories I have heard over the years too! I’ve always said to friends that we should write them all down. It’s such a great idea for a series.

What’s the most disastrous date you’ve ever been on?

I feel terrible talking about it, but…I once met up with a date at a bar, and he was clearly quite nervous, and was drinking these evil-looking red cocktails, and he got quite drunk quite quickly. We caught the night bus home, which was packed, so we were standing up. I suddenly noticed that he had gone green, but before I could ask him if he was alright, he threw up all over me and down my new dress. I tried to pretend it was all okay, because I didn’t want to embarrass him. I never saw him again though, poor guy. 

Beehive-tastic in Mrs Biggs

What’s the biggest dating no-no for you?

I did go on a double date with a friend once, and when we turned up, the guy I was supposed to be on the date with was wearing sandals and socks. I made my excuses and left before I even made it to the table. I am normally quite open-minded, but I did feel that sandals and socks was a bit too much for me.

How would you describe your own relationship status right now?

I’ve been single for three years; I‘ve been enjoying kissing the odd frog but I haven’t found my prince yet. I have been working so hard that I haven’t been on any dates for ages, but I’m okay with that. As soon as you hit 30, people start rushing you - they think you should be settling down, getting married and having babies. I feel like I’ve got plenty of time.

Words: Jane Mulkerrins

Dates is on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Channel 4, 10pm


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