Sex And The City Is 15 Years Old! Celebrate By Voting For Your Favourite Ever Moment

17 June 2013 by


As we told you last week, Sex And The City is 15 whole years old this year. In celebration, we've put together 12 of our favourite scenes from the show - from vibrator addiction to fast food hurling and now we need your help to vote for the best. 

Have a look through the scenes below and vote for your favourite at the bottom.

1. Carrie And Big Start Their Affair

Big couldn't leave it alone could he? As soon as Carrie was happy he swept on in there and brought her world crumbling down. The scene where he snogs her in the lift though? HOT.

2. Charlotte Gets Drunk

When the notoriously uptight Charlotte hits Staten Island and samples a few too many of the local Long Island Iced Teas, hilarity (and a fair bit of mum dancing) ensues.

3. Carrie And Big Break Up (The Second Time)

The second of many break-ups with the commitment-phobic Big happens when Carrie makes the decision to accompany her lover to France and shows up at his apartment to break the news wearing a beret and toting the Frenchest of all cuisine - the french fry. After Big explains that she'd have to move there for herself and he hopes she's not doing it for him, he narrowly misses being taken out with a Fillet O' Fish.

4. Charlotte and Harry Get Back Together

Our favourite wedding proposal of the series, when Charlotte and Harry run into each other at a singles mixer he exclaims, "Of all the synagogues in all the cities you had to walk into mine," then proposes. Classy and romantic. Top marks Harry.

5. Miranda And Steve Reconcile On The Brooklyn Bridge

Steve cheating on Miranda kinda gets brushed over in the first film, whereas Carrie being jilted by the flaky Big warrants Carrie a week in bed. We were chuffed then that the most was made of Miranda's reconciliation with Steve, which saw the two running across the Brooklyn Bridge into each others' arms to the strains of Al Green. They were always our favourite couple really - much less drama.

6. Carrie Ambushes Natasha To Apologise For The Affair

Wholly inappropriate and 100% totally Carrie. Natasha gives Carrie the talking to of her life and thus gets the best revenge a woman scorned can get, second only to clocking what Carrie was wearing. Newspaper print on lycra - nice.

7. Charlotte Realises She's Become Samantha

"Dammit, I just really want to be f**ked!" Charlotte laments to the sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The married old gals club are shocked and appalled, leaving Charlotte with the feeling that Samantha might have rubbed off on her a little more than she'd realised.

8. Steve Tells Miranda He Loves Her

Hooray! After months of misery, Miranda finally breaks down and tells Steve she loves him. His response? "Miranda, you're The One," proving that the odd outburst of emotion from time to time can actually be a good thing.

9. When Natasha Finds Out About Carrie and Big's Affair

It's drama all round when Natasha comes home early from The Hamptons to find a half-naked Carrie munching on leftover Chinese food in her apartment. Chasing her down the stairs Natasha falls and breaks her tooth prompting a rush to hospital. Carrie tells Big, "We're so over, we need a new word for over."

10. Charlotte Gets Addicted To Her Vibrator

After Charlotte buys a vibrator ("It's pink!") she quickly gets addicted, prompting a 'rabbit intervention' from Miranda and Carrie. "It's no big deal," says Charlotte, "I'd just rather stay home with the rabbit than go out and deal with men." A sensible decision on all accounts.

11. Aidan Breaks Up With Carrie

Sleeping with an ex wasn't ever going to go down well but Carrie probably could have picked a better moment to tell Aidan than right before the two headed out the door for Charlotte's wedding. Equally, Aiden could probably have waited until after the wedding photo portion of the day to break up with her. Remarkably though, Carrie's puffy eyes are non-existent and the ensuing wedding photo is the 4 girls looking beautiful in their individualised bridesmaids dresses. Not so beautiful? Aidan's brown suit. Good riddance Carrie.

12. Carrie And Big End Up Happily Ever After

It would so NEVER happen in real life but the end of the show would have been pretty disappointing otherwise. After the cold-hearted Aleksandr Petrovsky slaps Carrie and breaks her necklace, Big magically turns up in Paris to pick up the pieces. They do a nice little stroll across the bridge and live happily ever after - if you ignore the films. Which we do.


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