7 Things That Happen When You're 27 And Live With Your Parents

21 July 2014 by

7 Things That Happen When You're 27 And Live At Home With The Parents

Marnie lived with her mum after breaking up with Charlie in Girls [HBO]

This is not how you imagined your life would turn out. You’re 27 and somehow in between houses and jobs you seem to have found yourself back at your parent’s house. It starts out great, you’re paying basically no rent, you know where your Mum has hidden all the best biscuits and the towels are just so much nicer. But after about two months you begin to realise why you moved out in the first place, it was to stop you killing your parents. Here’s the seven things that you’ll realise when you find yourself back home...

1. Remember those tantrums you had as a child? Well they’re back

Literally no one can wind you up like your family. Why are they so ANNOYING?!

2. Your mum is not as good at washing as you are

She’s insisted on doing your washing, but all of your underwear seems to be a slightly grey colour… This is not how mums are supposed to work?

3. Your sex life will be over

No one wants to have sex knowing their parents are listening :(

4. You will realise your parents drink more than you

In fact, you haven’t seen your dad without a glass of whiskey in his hand since the moment you arrived.

5. You’ll start to think about homemaking yourself

Why is it that grown ups have so many nice things? Where can I get myself some of those?

6. No, I do not want to tell you where I’m going!

Why are your parents so nosey all the time?

7. But the food is pretty good, right?

Whether it’s your mum cooking you a Sunday roast or just the fact that there is food in the house all the time, you are living like a QUEEN.


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