GIF GUIDE: Scientists Have Found The Sexiest Way For Men To Dance

31 March 2014 by

This week scientists revealed they have discovered the best dance moves for men to do in their quest to attract the opposite sex - apparently, the research showed that (brace yourself) 'wild flailing arms are not viewed positively'. Shocker. They also discovered that, to best impress someone you fancy on the dance floor, for men 'large and varied upper body movements demonstrate strength' (uh-huh), and women should move mainly from the hips.

For boyfriends and (hopefully mainly) dads everywhere, this should have provided a little direction - especially important with wedding season just around the corner. However, the funky chicken was not mentioned in their report, and neither was the Leave Your Michael Jackson Moves At Home section present. So we thought we'd better do another, more comprehensive guide. Here it is:

1. First of all, never take on more than you can handle.

2. Don't be afraid to get a bit sexy.

3. And do get in touch with your feminine side.

4. Sometimes, discard your instincts. It's likely they're lying to you about how you look.

5. However, if your instincts say BRUCE, we're with you. (Extra points for getting Courtney Cox to dance with you.)

6. This sort of stuff is probably best left at home.

7. Sometimes it's good to be 'N Sync' with others. (Sorry.)

8. ... Not everytime.

9. When you're confident, be sure to own the room.

10. But, finally, never try to own it in the workplace.

Good luck


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