You HAVE To Watch Robin Thicke's Acting Debut In 'Making The Rules' Trailer

24 July 2014

robin thicke, acting, making the rules

Robin Thicke’s been having a tough time with rejection lately. Following his split from lady love Paula Patton, his attempt to reconcile with her by naming his new album Paula, not only sold approximately 500 copies, putting paid to the Blurred Lines ‘glory’, but also failed to win his wife back. Thankfully though, Rob’s a proper performance polymath, so he has another alluring talent up his sleeve, as he reveals in this amazing new clip of his straight-to-DVD turkey feature film debut, Making the Rules.

In (cue voiceover voice) Making The Rules (originally named Abby in the Summer), Robin plays the vertiginous-quiffed hairdresser ex of Jaime Pressly’s bored married chef Abby. When they run into each other, first at a restaurant, and then in the launderette, he says her name a lot, because name-checking a girl is obviously the way to their heart.

robin thicke, romcom, making the rules

Naturally Abby falls prey to this seductive name game (not to mention that sexy T Birds leather jacket) and the pair begin a lusty affair where they snog at tables and all of the sexy scenes go on away from the camera. The payoff comes when he transforms her lacklustre bun into a real do (with bangs), providing her a princess-y moment of realisation. And now he can add hairdressing to his CV too.

No doubt we’re looking at the new chapter for Thicke, as he seeks a new vent for all that creative energy he’s been brewing for the 36 years it took for him to break through.  His screen presence puts us in mind of the SNL Mark Wahlberg ‘say hello to your mother for me’ skit, crossed with Danny O’Dono-who’s general deportment on The Voice. Basically, it’s going to make your eyeballs crawl.

Paula, maybe don’t watch this. Although it would definitely make you trust him again, because the man can’t seduce a lady for toffee, so he’s probably been a good boy all along. But my oh my is he cheesy.

By Emily Phillips



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