What Are The Chances Of Anne Hathaway & Co Returning For Revenge Wears Prada?

29 May 2013

Words by Nick Barron of www.stylebarron.com

We’ve all got a favourite hangover movie that helps us recover from a night we can barely remember, and for many with a fondness for fashion, the number one choice is chick flick staple, The Devil Wears Prada. Based on Lauren Weisberger’s 2003 novel of the same name, it is said to be inspired by the author’s brief stint working for Anna Wintour at US Vogue.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Grazia Daily refuses to believe anybody reading this article hasn’t seen the film, but just in case: Anne Hathaway plays aspiring journalist Andy Sachs, who unwittingly lands a job at fashion bible Runway as second assistant to its hugely demanding editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly, played with ridiculous brilliance by Meryl Streep. Cue Priestly making Andy’s life hell with her insane demands, public humiliation and inclination to throw both fur coat and ‘it bag’ at her every morning, much to the delight of first assistant Emily, played by a scene-stealing Emily Blunt.

Well, rejoice TDWP fans, for Weisberger has finally written a sequel, the somewhat shonkily titled Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns, published in the UK on June 20. According to the author’s official web site, in the book “Andy realizes that nothing – not her new husband, nor her beloved career – is as it seems,” and the story will take her “directly into the path of the devil herself…”

With the original film proving a box office hit, it is almost certain that the sequel will become a movie. Whether that film is another cinema smash, or a straight to DVD flop, will depend hugely on whether the original cast can be lured back for a second strut down the Runway. But what are the chances of that..?  

Meryl Streep (Miranda Priestly)

Undoubtedly the star of the first film, there can be no movie without Meryl. The reigning Queen of Hollywood has, since hanging up her Prada heels, starred opposite Alec Baldwin in It’s Complicated, with Amy Adams in Julie & Julia and Doubt, and scored a hat trick with her performance as the late Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, winning an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for her performance. A return is not impossible, as Streep likes the fun roles as much as the meatier characters, which was surely the only reason for her turn in the pretty ropey Mamma Mia! Mind you, any actor who can survive such a car crash and still have one of the best careers in the business owes nobody any favours.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Odds of return – 6/1


Anne Hathaway (Andy Sachs)

Hathaway’s star has risen steadily since TDWP, culminating in her board-sweeping awards run this year for her admittedly show-stopping turn as penniless prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables. Last year, she slipped into skin-tight leathers to play Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and she’s soon to be seen in co-star Joseph Gordon Levitt’s directorial debut, Don Jon, about an internet porn addict who attempts to find a meaningful relationship with something other than his dominant hand. Still, let’s not forget the dodginess of Bride Wars or the mega flop that was One Day – and there is that rumoured Oscar curse Hollywood loves to worry about (has anyone seen Sandra Bullock lately? Anyone?!) Add in the fact that Hathaway would likely get to keep her Revenge Wears Prada wardrobe and perhaps she might just clear some room in her schedule…

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Odds of return – 5/1


Emily Blunt (Emily)

Since her brilliant turn as Emily, Miranda’s main assistant who somewhat begrudgingly guides Andy through the minefield that is her new job, Blunt has worked steadily. She has played a monarch in Young Victoria, starred opposite Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau, and worked with Ewan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, before appearing opposite Jason Siegel in last year’s The Five Year Engagement. She has, however, yet to make the leap to stellar-movie-star-in-a-massive-role and perhaps her best is yet to come. That, or her own TV show on HBO or Showtime, though perhaps she could be convinced to return by her TDWP co-star and now brother-in-law…

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Odds of return – 4/1


Stanley Tucci (Nigel)

Yes, Tucci married co-star Blunt’s sister Felicity last year, so they have a lot to thank their shared TDWP experience for, which perhaps might be enough to encourage a Tucci/Blunt return (or their own spin-off sitcom, which would undoubtedly be fabulous). Tucci has reunited with Streep since the film, working together on Julie & Julia, and he also popped up in, erm, Burlesque opposite Cher and Xtina. He has spent the past couple of years working on The Hunger Games and its impending sequel, Catching Fire, playing blue rinse-sporting games commentator, Caesar Flickerman. Let’s hope the pensioner’s hairdo doesn’t encourage him to retire, as he may be one of the most likely for a Prada homecoming.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Odds of return – 2/1


Simon Baker (Christian Thompson)

Baker, who played New Yorker journalist and scarf-wearing lothario, Christian Thompson, in the film, has more or less given up on movies since TDWP’s release and turned instead to television with huge success. His US series, The Mentalist, has been on air for six seasons and, outside of playing a crime-solving psychic, he is the face of Givenchy’s new fragrance, Gentlemen Only. Between the fact that he clearly doesn’t need the money and the notoriously gruelling schedule that comes with an American TV series, he may strangely be one of the least likely cast members to return.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Odds of return – 5/1


Adrian Grenier (Nate)

Outside of TDWP, Grenier is best known as the star of Entourage, which ran for eight seasons and is soon to spawn a movie of its very own. Still, things have been quiet for him since the show ended, so a chance to reprise his role as Hathaway’s love interest, Nate, may be very welcome indeed. However, the ending of TDWP left things uncertain between Andy and Nate and publicity for Revenge Wears Prada suggests that the ‘husband’ Weisberger mentions creating for Sachs is not Grenier’s character, but someone new. Sorry Adrian, you may be keen, but through no fault of your own, you’re perhaps the least likely face we’ll be seeing in the next big chick flick.

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns

Odds of return – 25/1


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