Snorkelling With Sharks? We Take On The Red Bull Challenge

24 June 2014

Red Bull challenged us to have Zero fear when taking part in their Red Bull Zero Series which celebrates the launch of Red Bull Zero, the new zero calorie, zero sugar energy drink. Over the course of two weeks, we experienced everything from sky diving to snorkelling with sharks as part of the Zero Series. Here two of our brave volunteers share their experiences... 

Shopping Editor Lily Russo swam with sharks...

My Red Bull Feel The Fear challenge was to swim with one of my biggest phobias – sharks! Ok, so it wasn't in the open sea, instead inside a tank in the London Aquarium, but it was a very deep tank (containing over 100,000,000 gallons of water) and that said tank contained over 15 sharks ranging from 1.5m to 6m. Upon arrival, I was briefed on each shark that was in the tank, many of which have been there since the Aquarium first opened and after being kitted out in a wetsuit and snorkel, I was given a one final warning not to put my fingers through the mesh net as they could be bitten off. 

Despite being quite nervous I was also pretty excited to be facing one of my greatest fears within a controlled environment. After adjusting to being in a cage that was lowered into a tank of sharks that were swimming around me curious as to what I was doing in their home, I soon relaxed and was able to take in exactly where I was. I was even surprised to see two sharks sleeping on a ledge next to my cage who didn’t even acknowledge were there.

The most curious of them all were the Reef sharks – which I was also notified of as being the most dangerous of them all should there have been no protective mesh around me. The largest and most docile of them all was the Tiger Shark who despite its 6m stature was the least intimidating. After 20 minutes in seawater at a temperature cool enough to house the sharks, it was time for me to leave. I walked out of the aquarium ready to take the challenge to the next level and hopefully swim with sharks once again, but this time in the open sea. 


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