Queen of Birthday Debauchery! Remembering Kate Moss' Best Ever Birthday Parties

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Kate Moss at Fran Cutler's birthday party in 2013 [Getty]

You know that song ‘there ain’t no party like an S Club Party’? Well, it’s actually factually incorrect. In reality THERE AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE A KATE MOSS PARTY. And, to prove it, because she threw her latest booze-fest-of-a-bash this weekend, we’ve looked back in time at the supermodel's best birthday shindigs ever. From a drug-fuelled LA rampage to an orgy, nobody throws a party like La Moss...

1. Lost In LA for her 21st

One of the most infamous parties of all time, Kate’s 21st was held at notorious LA night-spot the Viper Rooms and was organised by then boyfriend Johnny Depp (sigh). The late INX frontman Michael Hutchence performed with Mr.Depp supporting him on guitar.  Reportedly drug-fuelled Jason Donovan – who was there that evening – later admitted that during the evening he had to be rushed to hospital after passing out on the dance floor after taking too much cocaine.

Kate Moss Best Birthday Parties

Johnny Depp and Kate in 1995 [Getty]

2. The Beautiful and the Damned for her 30th

So Kate’s Beautiful and the Damned themed 30th reportedly ended in an orgy. You don’t get much more rock’n’roll than that do you? It started with drinks at Claridges where Kate and her closest pals – Sadie Frost and Stella McCartney included – got ready. They then moved on to a raucous soiree at Sam Taylor Wood’s house. Everyone who was anyone was there, from Kate’s then boyfriend (and father of Lila Grace) Jefferson Hack, to Ronnie Wood, Tracey Emin, Naomi Campbell and the late Alexander McQueen. Later a selection of guests returned to Claridges where the orgy was thought to have taken place, debauchery at its er, most debauched.

kate moss Beautiful and the Damned kate moss Beautiful and the Damned

Mossy and Naomi Campbell for Kate's 30th [Rex]

3. Partying with Pete for her 33rd

Ah the Pete Doherty era, one better best forgotten by most accounts. Kate celebrated her 33rd in 2007 with a 24-hour booze fuelled bender with Kate spending over £5000 on just one night. Things started with casual drinks at Scott’s oyster bar in Mayfair before Kate and Pete headed to watch Rhys Ifans perform at the Donmar theatre. How civilised you say? Well, that was just the beginning, whilst Pete had to leave early as he was due in court the next day (of course) Kate and her pals partied on til 10am the next morning. She then did a spot of shopping before heading to the pub again. As you do.

Kate Moss Best Birthday Parties

Kate Moss leaving the Donmar Warehouse on her 33rd birthday [Rex]

4. A star-studded affair for her 34th

For most people 34 isn’t a particularly big year for celebrating. But for Kate it was. She partied for 18 hours solid, disappointing really considering the original plan had been to stay out for a full 34. See what she was trying to do there? Kate split her time between the Dorchester hotel and Punk nightclub and looked fabulous wearing a star-print jumpsuit with a star painted on her face. Fittingly, lots of stars showed up, from Kelly Osbourne and David Walliams to her BFF and Topshop big boss Phillip Green.

Kate Moss Best Birthday Parties

Seeing stars in 2008 [Popsugar]

5. Medieval Mayhem for her 35th

Perhaps wanting to make up for only managing to stay out for 18 hours on her 34th Kate went on a four day bender for her 35th.  Again, Kate started at the Dorchester but later moved to her Camden home with Davinia Taylor, Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch all in tow. After over 48-hours of partying with Queen and Stevie Wonder hits blasting out her neighbours began to complain, one said at the time, ‘I went to bed at midnight but couldn’t get to sleep because the music from the house was so loud. Even with double glazing.’ Oops!

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