When Prince Harry Met Michelle Obama: 5 Things They (Probably) Talked About

10 May 2013 by

And so it begins... Yesterday Prince Harry touched down in the US for his official tour. First stop? The White House to hang out with Michelle Obama. So what did the two talk about? Here's the conversation topics the two almost definitely touched on (we imagine).

1. The Terrible Pressures Of Being A Hair Icon

What with Harry and his ginger tufts and Mich-O with her new found bangs (or 'fringe' as we say over here in normal-land) the two have got some of the most talked about locks in modern history. Did they share styling tips? Did Harry open up about the pressure he feels at being a role model for a new generation of gingers trying to live a life free from ridicule and opression? Maybe they just sat down and braided each other's tresses.

2. That Night In Vegas

Michelle's deffos got a sense of humour so we're guessing behind closed doors she found Naked Harry-gate pretty darn funny. Here's hoping the two swapped drinking tales from bygone years over a huge bottle of single grain scotch. Michelle would totally drink Harry under the table - obvs.

When Prince Harry Met Michelle Obama: 5 Things They (Probably) Talked About

3. The Problems That Come With Being The World's Most Fancied People

What with Harry being the world's most eligible bachelor and Michelle being one half of the most photogenic couple to hit politics in a loooong time, we're guessing the pressures of being universally loved have hit them both hard. Did Michelle give Harry tips on picking the good 'uns from the fame seekers? Judging from the giggling White House staffers trying to snap his picture he's got more than enough ladies to choose from...

4. Sightseeing Tips

Michelle's touched down in every state about 19,000 times. Empire State Building? BEEN THERE. Golden Gate Bridge? DONE THAT. Harry though will certainly be on the lookout for tips about where to visit having never lived in the US. We heard there's a really cool yarn museum down in Arkansas that's just to die for.

5. The White House Vs Buckingham Palace

Basketball court versus busbies... you decide.

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