#PlayTime: Kelly Rowland On Her New Single & Favourite Destiny's Child Outfit

12 June 2014 by


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The World Cup kicks off today! So, what better time for us to treat you to an exclusive interview with Kelly Rowland, who's just released her video from Pepsi's football-themed visual album 'Beats of the Beautiful Game'?! The clip joins songs from Rita Ora, Timbaland and Janelle Monae on the record and is directed by Spike Lee. 

It's been a big week for Kelly, the singer  - who married Tim Witherspoon earlier this year - revealed she was pregnant with her first child yesterday by sharing a snap of a teensy pair of trainers on on Instagram. 'I'll be stuntin like my daddy.....,' she posted. 

Kelly and her husband Tim Witherspoon [Getty/Instagram]

We chatted to Kelly about the visual track, the Destiny's Child wardrobes and working on Michelle Williams' new single... 

Grazia Daily: What was the inspiration for your track 'The Game'?

Kelly Rowland: I want it to feel really anthemic. I went back to my first experience at a soccer game and the feeling I had when somebody scored a goal and it was the loudest moment I've ever experienced in my life.

Grazia Daily: Did you work closely with Spike Lee on the video?

Kelly Rowland: I remember us talking about it and him telling me all his ideas and how he'd actually been over in Brazil doing some other work and what he wanted to pour into the visual for my record and I just got so excited.

After I finished recording the song I actually had to go back into the studio and add different things. He had this whole idea to do these really cool drums. It matched the same energy I remember having when I went to a soccer game.

Grazia Daily: Was it fun to reunite with Destiny's Child for Michelle Williams' new single 'Say Yes'?

Kelly Rowland: It was a lot of fun. The blessing about Destiny's Child is that we still love working together - it's not hard, it's not a task - and when we do we still sound damn good together! 

I'm so excited about 'Say Yes' for Michelle and it just feels so good. It's happy. You think about songs like 'Happy' by Pharrell, I think that's what people really need now.

Grazia Daily: Is there an outfit from the Destiny's Child years that you really loved?

Kelly Rowland: We tried some really wild outfits in the past... but it was the '90s! Haha. At the MTV VMAs [in 2000], we had these corsets on - I think my waist was like an 18 - it was awesome! They were really, really fly and each outfit was different but the same. There was the black leather and the stones that tied us together - we looked really, really cool.

Destiny's Child at the MTV VMA's in 2000 [Rex]

Grazia Daily: You did always do matching outfits very well... 

Kelly Rowland: I think we did that beautifully at the last Super Bowl that we did. The way everything came together, but it was yet so different.

Grazia Daily: What advice would you give to a young band starting out?

Kelly Rowland: Make sure you want to sing or perform for the love of music, don't just want to be famous. Being famous is one thing and actually sharing your gift with the world is another. 

'The Game' is available to download from iTunes now as part of the Pepsi MAX Beats of the Beautiful Game visual album. 


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