A THIRD 'Sex And The City' Film? It's Time To Place Your Bets On What Could Happen

25 February 2014 by

A new Sex and the City movie is rumoured to be in the works, with three of the leading ladies expressing an interest (although Cynthia 'it's fine to let it go' Nixon might still need persuasion.) Fancy a flutter? Here are our odds on what could happen – from surrogacy to vampires.

1/4 Carrie and Big have a baby via a surrogate

We’d stake our biggest bucks (ie our fully-stamped Nandos reward card) on this little earner. The evidence? Well surely the ‘one story left to tell’, as hinted by Sarah Jessica Parker, involves the pitter patter of tiny Manolo-clad feet. Natural birth and adoption have already been covered by the other girls, so our money (chicken) is on the surrogacy option – especially as this worked so well in real life for SJP.

1/1 Big cheats

Well, after Carrie put on the kohl eyeliner that inexplicably made her a she-devil and go loopy for Aiden in the second film, our favourite businessman (do we ever actually know what he does for a living?) might be justified in straying from the marriage in film three. For bonus bets, we think ex-wife Natasha might be the most likely temptress…or even Samantha, as she has always enjoyed a little flirt with him over a cigar. If we were Carrie, we’d sleep with one (non-kohled) eye open.

4/1 Aleksandr Petrovsky returns…for blood

We’ve always suspected this guy was a vampire – the thick eastern European accent; the all-night dates; the pasty complexion - and it would lend a Twilight-esque touch to NYC.

7/1 Samantha dates Bieber

SATC never shied from a pop-tastic cameo (remember Geri Halliwell in a bikini?) and based on his frankly disturbing attempt at coming on to Cheryl Cole on X Factor back in the day, it’s safe to say Biebs feels comfortable approaching an older woman. It would make us sad inside though.

10/1 Steve turns bad-ass

The button-nosed bartender gets another shot at whatever that basketball money-winning thing was, and actually does it! He then goes crazy with power and blows up the Brooklyn Bridge, leaving Miranda to find comfort in the dependable, faintly repulsive arms of Skipper (remember him?)

20/1 Charlotte hearts Samantha

Standing in the rain, tears streaming down her cheeks, Charlotte confesses her undying love for Samantha. The whole film is one, long monologue about her repressed feelings, and involves no fabulous outfit changes whatsoever.

1000/1 No one has sex



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